President Yoon demands South Korea’s participation in polluted water discharge inspections… Korea-Poland summit today

During a summit meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Kishida, President Yoon Seok-yeol revealed our position on Japan’s plan to discharge contaminated water.

Taking the health and safety of our people as a principle, we requested sharing of information on the discharge process of contaminated water and the participation of Korean experts.

President Yoon starts an official visit to Poland from today스포츠토토.

This is reporter Shin Ji-hye from Warsaw, Poland.


The fourth Korea-Japan summit this year was held in Lithuania, Eastern Europe, where the NATO Summit was held. [President Yoon Seok-yeol: “I believe that Korea and Japan

can work together to contribute greatly to resolving global issues of peace and prosperity in the region.” President Yoon Seok-yeol said that public health and safety are the top priority factors, and requested the participation of Korean experts in real-time sharing of monitoring information on the entire discharge process of contaminated water and inspection of the discharge process. In addition, he demanded that the release be stopped immediately and that Korea be notified immediately if the concentration of radioactive substances exceeds the standard. Japanese Prime Minister Kishida mentioned the IAEA final report that the discharge plan of contaminated water meets international standards, and reiterated that there is no discharge that has adverse effects on health and the environment. He also said he would immediately stop releasing if the concentration of radioactive materials exceeds the standard.

However, there was no immediate response to requests for real-time information sharing or participation by Korean experts.

After finishing the NATO meeting schedule with the Korea-Japan summit, President Yoon started an official visit to Poland.

At the Korea-Paul summit on the 13th local time, defense projects, nuclear power plants, and supply chain cooperation are the main concerns.

As Poland is considered a ‘hub’ for the reconstruction project in Ukraine, discussions on participation by Korean companies will also take place.

President Yoon said in an interview with the local media that he hoped that economic cooperation between the two countries would expand to future high-tech industries.

He also said that we should work together in the process of rebuilding Ukraine.

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