“The gap between Jihwan and Jihwan is huge. But…” Will the flower of hope bloom in despair? Time to find an 8-year-old prospect that the command tower is paying attention to

Ji-hwan is big.”

A major bad news for the LG Twins. It is the departure of the captain and main shortstop Oh Ji-hwan (33).

On the 7th, after batting practice against Samsung in Jamsil, he complained of discomfort in his side and went to the hospital. MRI scan showed microscopic damage to the flank. An LG official explained, “I was diagnosed with microscopic damage to the right oblique muscle. It is expected that it will take more than two weeks to heal.” It seems inevitable that there will be a 3-week hiatus from recovery to competition.

Prior to the second game of the season against Samsung held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 8th, LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “It’s a bit big that Ji-hwan is missing over the ball-sooju.” I posted Choi Hyun-jun, who is said to be the best defense in the league,” he explained. The command tower expects flowers to bloom in the worst situation.

Director Yeom explained, “Ji-hwan’s absence will lead to Ju-seong’s growth. It will be a time of great opportunity for Ju-seong.”

An infield prospect who wore the LG uniform in the top 14 overall in the 2nd round in 2016.

Kim Joo-seong, who became the starting shortstop as soon as he entered Whimoon High School, was already a 5-tool player who fascinated scouts with a .300 batting average and double-digit stolen bases for two consecutive years in his freshman and sophomore years. In 2015, when he was in his third year, he recorded a phenomenal batting average of .

His wide range of defense, quick feet, power and contact made him one of LG’s next-generation shortstops. The vacancy of Oh Ji-hwan, who seldom leaves his seat, could be a turning point in Kim Joo-sung’s baseball career.

In the meantime,스포츠토토 Kim Joo-seong, who had few first-team opportunities, only played in seven games in his career. He had a 0.294 batting average, 8 home runs, 118 RBIs, 52 stolen bases, and 129 runs scored in 276 Futures League career games.

Attention is focusing on whether the negative news of Oh Ji-hwan’s departure will lead to another growth opportunity for a promising shortstop.

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