5 consecutive losses, desperate Cheonan… Manager Park Nam-yeol, “One point is urgent”

Cheonan City FC is in the mood to compete with a desperate mind against Kim Cheon, who is considered the strongest player in the K-League 2.

Cheonan, led by coach Nam-Yeol Park, is ahead of the match against Gimcheon in the 6th round of the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 scheduled at Cheonan Sports Complex at 1:30 pm on the 8th. After the opening of the 2023 season, Cheonan is fully aware of the limitations of the new team. Currently, they are ranked at the bottom with 5 consecutive losses, and it seems that they are holding a considerable sense of crisis in terms of confidence.

Director Park is also concerned about this. Director Park did not hide his earnest feelings through the Cheonan press release, saying,온라인바카라 “We are in a hurry to get one point right now.” At the same time, he expressed his intention not to lose his reckless attitude. Coach Park said, “We have to play aggressive football. We will prepare aggressively by changing the composition of players and tactics. Even though Kimcheon is a strong team, it is not without weaknesses. will,” he left a sign.

Like coach Park’s diagnosis, Kim Cheon, who will face this time, also has weaknesses. Kim Cheon, who is currently on a two-game losing streak, is not showing a solid appearance in the last line of defense. The last two consecutive losses also stemmed from this defensive insecurity. If the offensive line centered on Motta is active, a gap can be found. Bakayoko, who joined right before the transfer market deadline, is also invigorating the attack, so Cheonan is carefully looking forward to ‘Giant Killing’.

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