The food in the PC room was the dirtiest… Next is Kids Café.

As a result of a recent government inspection of food service establishments, it was found that PC rooms and kids cafes had the poorest food hygiene. There was also a famous large hotel located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety inspected 3,881 food service establishments across the country for violations of the Food Sanitation Act. The types of food service businesses were screen golf courses, kids cafes, PC rooms, animal cafes, cartoon cafes토토사이트, wedding halls, funeral halls, and large hotels. The period was from May 22 to 26, and inspections were conducted with 17 local governments.

As a result, a total of 39 places were found to have violated the Food Sanitation Act.

The place with the most violations was the PC room (21 places), followed by the kids cafe (7 places) and the funeral hall (5 places). Three large hotels and two animal cafes were caught, and there was also one wedding hall.

The details of the violation are ▲ Storage of expired products (7 places) ▲ Violation of standards and specifications (2 places) ▲ Violation of facility standards (1 place) ▲ Violation of reporting changes in the size of business sites (1 place) ▲ Failure to conduct health checkups (24 places) ▲ Hygiene It was a violation of handling standards (4 places).

PC cafes had a variety of reasons, such as storage problems for expired products, failure to conduct health examinations, and violation of sanitary handling standards, while Kids Cafes had various reasons such as failure to conduct health examinations and violation of standards and standards.

In addition, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety collected 32 cases of food cooked and sold in hotels along with inspections and inspected items such as food poisoning bacteria.An official from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety said, “We will do our best to create an environment where the public can consume safe food by continuously strengthening safety management for food handling facilities that are concerned about poor hygiene.” Regarding this, please actively report fraudulent or unhealthy food to the hotline number 1399.”

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