“I’m sorry I went to sleep with my husband’s tuition fees”… Tears of a Pilates instructor who ran for local elections

In the June 1st local election last year, Mr. Noh Ye-seul토토사이트, who ran as a candidate for the Hwaseong city council in Gyeonggi-do, made a tearful apology to the victims directly in connection with the mistakes of her husband A, who is in divorce proceedings.

On the 28th, Mr. Roh said on his Instagram, “As many of you already know, I am the spouse of Mr. A, who disappeared after receiving tuition at the Pilates center for the past 4 months. So far, I have lived alone with my young daughter,” he wrote.

Then, she said, “I can’t help but feel depressed after receiving messages from the members and lecturers who have suffered damage from Mr. A since yesterday.”

He heard that more than 800 people suffered damage due to Mr. A. I came to think that it was the duty to compensate for the damage suffered by the victims.”

Mr. Roh, who is still in the process of divorce proceedings with Mr. A, said that all that remained was to decide on property division and child support.

At the same time, Mr. Roh said that although property division and child support should be discussed for those who have suffered damage due to Mr. A’s fault, he said, “I will deposit the balance of 70 million won in my personal account deposit with the court so that it can be used for compensation for damage, and Mr. A I will give up the child support payments I will receive from him.”

He continued, “Although the amount I will deposit will be insufficient to compensate for the damages of all victims, I sincerely hope that this decision will be made.”

Mr. Roh, who was a Pilates instructor and had a history of running as a candidate for the Hwaseong City Council in Gyeonggi Province in the June 1 local election last year, continued his Pilates instructor activities even after dropping out of the election.It is known that the Pilates center that Mr. Roh mentioned has four branches across the country, including Suwon, Yongin, and Cheonan. Even though there are members who have paid in advance for memberships ranging from hundreds of thousands of won to millions of won, on the 26th, Mr. A suddenly sent a text message to the employees saying, “We have decided to suspend the operation (closure) due to ongoing financial difficulties”, and they were not contacted and informed of the refund. is being criticized for not doing it right. Center staff also claim that there was non-payment of wages.It is known that the victims are currently discussing countermeasures such as hiring a lawyer and filing a lawsuit through an open chat room.

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