The day Kyung-Shim Jeong was paroled… Jo Min “I donated 1 million won” proof shot

On the 19th, Mr. Cho posted on his Instagram바카라사이트 a picture of a receipt of a donation of 1 million won for the victims, saying, “I want to be a small help, even if it is not a very large amount, so I donate some of the deposits I have collected to the ‘Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association 2023 Flood Damage’. I donated to ‘Help the Neighbors’” and uploaded a proof shot.

In addition, he said, “I pray that the victims will recover quickly from daily life.”

The time when Mr. Cho posted a certification shot was within a few hours after the fact that his mother, former professor Jeong, was denied parole was reported in the media. The news of Professor Jeong’s parole denial began to be known through the media at around 8:00 pm, but it was 9:40 pm on

the same day that Mr. Previously, the Ministry of Justice held a regular parole review committee on the same day and conducted a parole review of former professor Jeong, who is serving a sentence for corruption in the entrance examination of his children, and judged him ‘ineligible’. Former professor Jeong is serving a sentence of four years in prison by the Supreme Court on charges of irregularities in the entrance examination of his children. In February, an additional year in prison was added after being found guilty of the charges of irregularities in the entrance examination of his son, who were additionally indicted, but the sentence has not been confirmed as the appeal trial is currently in progress. Professor Jeong, who is living in prison, has been steadily applying for suspension of execution due to health problems such as herniated discs. Following this, he was temporarily released in October of last year, and was re-arrested in December after one extension.

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