Parents of Seoi-cho “The deceased was depressed? He was a consistent and calm teacher”

On the 21st, the Seoul Teachers’ Union released the information received from 4 parents of the school. The teachers’ union said, “Last year스포츠토토, we received reports about the deceased from 4 parents of the 1st grade 8th class, where the deceased was the homeroom teacher.”

In fact, parent A revealed the fact that the deceased skipped meals on the students’ first field trip and took pictures of the children for parents to share. In particular, in a letter delivered to parents on the day of the closing ceremony in February of this year, he wrote, “Will I be able to meet such good children again?”

In particular, Mr. A said, “I was really grateful that such a good teacher took charge of the children’s first homeroom.” He testified that the deceased was a constant and calm teacher to the children.”

Parent B also said, “When her child had a conflict with a classmate, I remember that the deceased calmly intervened.” He said, “My children also enjoyed school at the time, and said that they wished morning would come sooner.”

Currently, Mr. B’s child said that he said, “I can’t go to school because my heart hurts” while grieving the deceased’s choice of theatrical company. At the same time, Ms. B revealed that she was “very saddened by the loss of a precious teacher.” The Seoul Teachers’ Union added, “We thank the parents who decided to report it,” and added, “We mourn the deceased once again.”

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