The area burned by the wildfires in Hawaii, ‘Yeouido three times’… Restoration cost estimated at 7 trillion won

It was found that the area burned by the wildfires in Hawaii, which has been continuing for five days, is three times the size of Yeouido.

According to the Pacific Disaster Center and the US Federal Emergency Management Agency investigations released by Maui County, Hawaii, USA, as of the 11th local time, a total of 2,170 acres burned in the Lahaina area of ​​​​Maui Island, Hawaii was estimated to be approximately 8.78 square kilometers.

As the area of ​​Yeouido is 2.9 square kilometers스포츠토토, it is about three times that.

Since this figure only surveyed western Lahaina, the main affected area, the scale of damage could be greater if the other two areas where wildfires are ongoing are included.

In Lahaina, a total of 2,207 buildings were burned, damaged or burned, and the reconstruction cost was estimated to cost a whopping 5.52 billion dollars, or 7.35 trillion won in our money.

Of the 12,702 residents of Lahaina, 4,500 people have lost their homes and evacuated. Considering that some people are staying at home, such as family and friends, it is predicted that the total number of victims will exceed 10,000.

The number of people killed in the wildfires was 80 as of 9:00 pm local time yesterday (12th), and the number of missing people has not yet been released.

While evolution work is still underway, as of 3pm yesterday, 85% of the Lahaina area, 80% of the central coast Pulehu and Kihei areas, and 50% of the central inland upcountry area were reported to have been suppressed.

Wildfire resurgence risks remain, with another fire breaking out in Kaanapali, 7 kilometers north of Lahaina, around 6pm yesterday.

Local authorities opened the road around Lahaina, which had been blocked for three days after the fire, around noon yesterday to allow residents to access it again, but closed it again in the afternoon.

Authorities said they are providing shuttle buses to help residents and tourists staying in emergency shelters access controlled areas.

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