Supreme Court appeal ‘Busan round kick’ perpetrator “20 years in prison at the age of 32”

 The reason for the appeal submitted to the Supreme Court by the perpetrator of the so-called ‘Busan round kick’ case in which a woman in her 스포츠토토20s was indiscriminately beaten and unconscious on her way home from Seomyeon, Busanjin-gu, the center of Busan, has been revealed.

According to courts on the 11th, Mr. A, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison by the Busan High Court in June for charges such as attempted murder, recently filed an appeal to the Supreme Court after about a month.

In the reason for the appeal of Mr. A, released by the victim’s lawyer, it was written, “I did not intend to appeal in the third trial,” but “My parents said it was better to try to the end, and they said there were doubtful parts.”

Mr. A admitted to assaulting her victim.

However, she denied the charges, including intentional murder and rape, and emphasized that the crimes were accidental and committed while in a state of infirmity.

In particular, during the appeal process, the prosecution argued that the change of the indictment to the charge of ‘rape, etc.’ was “unlawful as it seriously violated the right to defend”.

He appealed, “The second trial court failed to correct the wrong information in the media and public opinion, and was too conscious to get a proper trial.” .

In this regard, the victim’s side expressed their position that it was “in fact, the reason for the appeal to the effect of completely denying the trial result of the appeals court.”

The victim’s lawyer said, “Because the accused is in fact denying all of his charges, he feels more than a little strong anger and even fear.” “The victim is still struggling emotionally.”

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