Special Ace Scherzer Surprised Kim Ha-seong, SD saved me from humiliation

Kim Ha-seong, who broke Scherzer’s no-hit, has a high-sensitivity hit.

Ha-seong Kim of the San Diego Padres in the American Major League presented a valuable hit to the team. Sometimes, even when a team loses, a single hit is worth a lot.

Kim Ha-seong started as 7th and 2nd baseman in an away game against the New York Mets held at Citi Field in New York on the 11th (Korean time). Ha-seong Kim recorded one hit and one walk that day and multi-on base, and the hits were impressive.

On this day, the Mets selection was limited-class ace Scherzer. The San Diego lineup was struggling with Scherzer’s good pitch. In the beginning of the 5th inning, he was dragged around without getting a single hit until the first out.

However, there was a player who scored the only hit that day against Scherzer, and it was Kim Ha-seong. Ha-seong Kim entered the plate in the first round of the 5th inning without a runner and scored a heavy hit. In the ball count 1B situation, he hit Scherzer’s ball well on the second pitch and sent the ball to the center fielder. He was good at aiming. Scherzer wasn’t in a position to complete, but he would have been humiliated by San Diego if he hadn’t produced a single hit before going down the mound.

Kim Ha-seong had a multi-hit game with a home run and double in the game against Atlanta the day before. In addition, including a hit against the Mets, he continued his good hitting feeling by hitting in three consecutive games.스포츠토토 Ha-seong Kim even got a walk in the 7th inning that day and showed off his pioneering vision. The light faded because the team was struggling with two hits and empty hits and lost 0-5, but Kim Ha-seong performed well enough. He was the only player with Kim Ha-seong and Xander Bogatz to hit.

Ha-seong Kim slightly raised his batting average from 2.8 1 Lee to 2.8 6 Lee.

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