Coach Bell, “Credit card OK as long as no runs are allowed!” 

Coach Colin Bell looked back at the game. 

The Korean women’s soccer team, led by coach Bell, won the second match against Zambia’s women’s soccer team, led by coach Bruce Mwafe, in the Shinsegae E-mart invitation A-match held at Yongin Mir Stadium from 7:00 pm on the 11th, 5-0.

After the match, coach Bell delivered his thoughts in Korean as always. Coach Bell said, “It’s important. I’m always very satisfied with the evening games. I like the performance.” 

The following is a Q&A with Director Bell. 

Q. Congratulations to the director. He also scored 5 goals in his second match. How would you rate Zambia?

▶(In English) Zambia is a difficult team to play against. It is also a very physical team. Today’s game also started well for the team itself. The high defensive line seems to have worked as an advantage. There have been a lot of impressive players and some players I think a lot of European clubs will be interested in. 

Q. How do you feel?

▶ (in Korean) It’s important. I am always very satisfied with the evening games. I like the performance. 

Q. Kim Hye-ri was outstanding in karate. She contributed as a long pass and set play kicker on offense and a leader on defense. how did you see

▶(Kim) Hyeri. good job. always well done I like Captain Hyeri. I like the player. I like people. Hyeri Kim was good every day. She has huge potential and she has no problems every game. She always gives 100%. Sidebacks and centerbacks are no problem. A perfect captain for the team.

Q. Korea is at the top of the world rankings and there are many good Asian teams. African teams did not. What should I do to advance beyond the quarterfinals of the World Cup? 

▶Recently, African teams are doing well in men’s and women’s soccer. Women’s African football is on the rise, but there have been some good players. Teams like Cameroon, Zambia and Morocco are also watching. There are a lot of good players and I think the future is bright. It will require a lot of investment. 

Q. How did you see Park Eun-sun’s performance? He played full time. 

▶ As I said on Friday, he was brought to the Canadian friendly last June. All I want from you is 15 minutes. After that, Park Eun-sun worked hard and became stronger. He did very well in the 1st and 2nd games. His mobility and endurance were also good. My personal wish is to protect it like a flower in a greenhouse until the World Cup and send it to the national team. 

One thing I would like to add is that Son Hwa-yeon must be mentioned. Son Hwa-yeon played a lot and matched Park Eun-seon, and I am praising that part. 

Q. It was a mock test against Morocco. Did your confidence grow? 

▶ Of course, the style is different. Conversely, I think Zambia has a similar character to Colombia. Colombi lost against France, but played well until the 60th minute. I think the World Cup against Colombia will be a very physical match. 

Q. This is the first goalless game in 6 games. 

▶(In Korean) A clean sheet is very important. I’m going to grill barbecue with the players. If you do a clean sheet, you can have coffee. You can barbecue. My credit card goes through again and again.

(In English) Seriously, we have conceded 10 runs in the last 4 games. It wasn’t Colin Bell’s team. My team boasted the best defense of any team. This is true not only for men’s football, but also for women’s football. It hasn’t been like that in the last few games. 

Of course, it should be taken into account that they faced strong teams. PK against England, resulting in a loss. It was an offside position against Italy, but we have to admit that we conceded the last goal. Still, the number of goals conceded during the 4 matches is 8 goals. It took 3 goals to win a game, a game. That’s a big number. I need to make it a little tighter. When the opportunity to attack comes, you have to make good use of it. 

Q. Ji So-yeon’s two games during her absence.

▶ At the point of Ji So-yeon’s absence, experienced players in the team had to step in, and they did. Even the young players did their part.먹튀검증 What I want to say is that Ji So-yeon is absolutely necessary. I hope that enough recovery and treatment are done to make a perfect comeback from the injury. During training in New Zealand last year, Ji So-yeon was not injured. At that time, Lee Min-ah showed a good figure. Unfortunately, though now injured. Those two matches must have been the best matches Lee Min-ah played as a representative of the Republic of Korea. Someone has to replace it. Other players need to develop and take responsibility. 

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