“Simple is Best” 0.370→0.158, successor Lee Dae-ho’s rebound, 1 year junior at Gyeongnam High School is the answer

Lotte Giants Han Dong-hee (24) is starting a little late.

It’s been two weeks since the opening, but it hasn’t gotten back on track yet. To make matters worse, his knee pain overlapped.

As of the 17th, Han Dong-hee has only 6 hits in 38 at-bats (0.158), 1 home run and 5 RBIs in 11 games. His slugging percentage (0.263) and on-base percentage (0.273) are also unsatisfactory figures.

There is an aftermath of raising the batting cycle too quickly from the demonstration game.

Han Dong-hee recorded 10 hits in 27 at-bats (0.370), 2 homers and 8 RBIs in 11 demonstration games. His slugging percentage (0.667) and on-base percentage (0.469) were also ideal.

The first season after the retirement of Lee Dae-ho, the ‘Lotte’s number 4 hitter’.

There was a dominant expectation that ‘Little Lee Dae-ho’ Han Dong-hee would take the 4th spot vacated by the big star. That’s how the spotlight was focused. It was a bit of a burden for a young player. could be a burden.

As the downward cycle overlapped, the early stages of the season were slow. However, all of this is a process to stand tall as the best slugger representing Lotte. It is just a process of accumulating energy for a wonderful twist story that can become a memento when it passes. We need a slightly simpler approach.

Lotte coach Larry Sutton emphasized that it was not due to sluggishness, saying, “I was replaced with knee pain during yesterday’s play, and that’s why I can’t go out today.” .

Regarding the slow pace at the beginning of the season, manager Sutton said it was not a matter of confidence, saying, “He has already proven his ability.” He said, “As the number of years accumulates, I’m just slowing down a bit as the hands go out on borderline pitches and the tenacious manning of opposing pitchers who know and harass Han Dong-hee well. I’m sure I’ll rebound soon with a clear S-zone, and a simple approach.” did.

Noh Si-hwan of the Hanwha Eagles, a one-year junior at Gyeongnam High School, could be a good starting point.

Roh Si-hwan, who was hot with a batting average of .471, 5 home runs, and 8 RBIs in 12 exhibition games, continues his enthusiasm even after entering the regular season. 1 home run and 6 RBIs with a batting average of 3.58 in 13 games. Since the opening, which was briefly interrupted in the KIA match last week, the 8-game hitting streak started again from the weekend against KT.

The secret is a confident self-swing.메이저놀이터 He sets up his own strike zone and creates high exit speed with a strong swing on the ball that comes into that zone. The direction that long-distance hitters such as Noh Si-hwan and Han Dong-hee should go is simplicity, and swing without hesitation through it.

How will Han Dong-hee return in the six consecutive matches that will lead to the KIA-NC match?

Koh Seung-min and Rex Ahn Chi-hong are in a good situation, so it is expected that they will be able to enjoy the synergy effect with a much less burdensome appearance.

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