Only 10 points from 14th to last… EPL all-time relegation war

The battle for the lower ranks of the English Premier League (EPL) is fiercer than ever. Teams ranked 18th to 20th in the relegation zone, as well as teams in the middle ranks 11th to 14th, can fall into the mire of relegation at any time.

As of the 17th (Korean time), Southampton (23 points), Leicester City (25 points), and Nottingham (27 points) are in the 20th place in the EPL relegation zone.

However, teams outside the relegation zone cannot be relieved.

Including 17th Everton (27 points) with the same number of points as 18th, 16th Leeds United (29 points), 15th West Ham United (31 points), and 14th Bournemouth (33 points), all of which are in 2-3 games. It’s close enough to change.

Even Chelsea (39 points), which is in 11th place, is in a position where it is impossible to guarantee retention as it has only added 2 points and 2 draws and 3 losses in the last 5 games.

Last year, the difference between Norwich (22 points) in 20th place and Leeds (38 points) in 17th place, the remaining margin, was a whopping 16 points. By this time, two teams had already been confirmed for relegation.

The same goes for the 2020-21 season. The gap between Sheffield United (23 points), which finished in 20th place, and Burnley (39 points), which survived in 17th place, was 16 points.

This season is different. Around this time, about 1 or 2 teams are in fact confirmed for relegation, and they often become ‘teams that lay down’, but now it is an open ending for all from the bottom to the middle.

In fact, Bournemouth, which was last until round 26, is now in 14th place, and Leicester, which was in 13th place in round 25, is now in 19th place.

Since nothing has been decided, the competition is fiercer. Teams in the relegation zone have no reason to give up.

There is hope that you can live as long as you win the game, so your motivation is strong. Mid-level teams can also be relegated if they slip a little, so they risk life and death until the end.

So even though it is the end of the season,카지노사이트 the news of changing the command tower is heard endlessly.

Leicester appointed manager Dean Smith, Leeds appointed manager Harvey Gracia, and Southampton appointed manager Ruben Selles, respectively, showing their will to ‘try’ until the end through change. Chelsea, which felt a sense of crisis due to repeated falls, also tried to rebound by putting coach Frank Lampard as a firefighter.

nothing is set There is only an all-time relegation war.

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