Samsung Life, who can’t swim the most?

Jo Soo-ah and Shin Dew are afraid of water.

Yongin Samsung Life started off-season training from the 15th. Bang Bo-ram, a transfer student, and Yoon Ye-bin, who suffered from an injury last season, also joined the team training. The preparations for the offseason, which began in May, continue through October. In a rather long off-season, Samsung Life Insurance is looking for ways to make training fun and efficient. One of them is underwater training.

On the 29th, Samsung Life Insurance conducted underwater training at STC (Samsung Training Center). Water training can increase muscle strength while reducing stress on joints and improve cardiorespiratory endurance. The core is also strengthened.

Samsung Life Insurance trainer Kim Min-gyu said, “In water training, resistance exercises such as walking, jumping, and kicking in the water and swimming to develop cardiorespiratory endurance. Swimming competitions and water polo, both fun and competitive, will also be held,” he explained.

I couldn’t stop laughing during underwater training. They are training more seriously than anyone else on the court, but their faces brighten when they go into the water. The atmosphere was friendly, full of laughter and mischief. In addition to functional effects, it was an effective underwater training to refresh the atmosphere of the team.

When asked if there were any players who were afraid of water, “Athletes who cannot swim wear a buoyancy belt, which is an auxiliary equipment. He is especially afraid of (Cho) Soo-ah and (Shin) Dew. Jo Soo-ah is very scared, so he wears two buoyancy belts.”

The players who are good at water polo are Kim Dan-bi and Kang Yu-rim.

Trainer Kim Min-gyu said,안전놀이터 “In the beginning, when swimming, hold the kick board (swimming aid) and use only your legs. At this time, the speed of the players is the same. Most of them are good at it. (Kim) Danbi and (Kang) Yurim are good at water polo. Yurim was the most happy. (Bang) Bo-ram from Woori Bank was surprised and said it was new. The level of satisfaction was very high,” he said.

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