KFA, Napoli vs. Mallorca June 8 game conditional approval…finally confirmed on the 25th

The Korea Football Association (KFA) has conditionally approved Napoli and Mallorca’s visit to Korea. It was concluded that the match on June 10 was impossible, and the match on the 8th was approved with conditions such as a deposit.토토사이트

The Stadium X and Untouchable Sports Group consortium, which is promoting Naples and Mallorca’s visit to Korea in June, originally planned to hold two matches on June 8 and 10. To this end, the organizers agreed to host the match and completed the approval process with the facilities management corporation of Seoul and Gyeonggi-do, where the match will be held, and the local football association. In addition, it is known that Naples and Mallorca have received all the necessary approvals from the European Football Federation (UEFA) and the Italian and Spanish football associations if they play a friendly match abroad.

However, a problem arose during the preparation process. It is the consent of the Korea Professional Football Federation and the approval of the Korea Football Association. In order to hold an international friendly match in Korea, 14 documents are required, one of which is the consent form of the Korea Professional Football Federation, which supervises the K-League. However, regarding the second schedule, June 10th, the federation said, “We cannot agree because there is an already scheduled K-League schedule on the 10th.”

In the end, KFA also notified that the game on the 10th was not possible. The organizers and the KFA held a final meeting on the 18th, and the KFA explained, “We informed the organizers that the match on the 10th was not subject to screening because there was no consent form from the Professional Football Federation, and through the meeting, we made it clear that this was not possible.” did.

Of the two friendly matches, the match on the 8th was conditionally approved when the match on the 10th was completely impossible.

A KFA official said, “We sent an official letter to the organizers on the 23rd containing the final conclusion of KFA for the review of approval for the Naples-Mallorca visit.” The disapproval was reconfirmed, and the organizers admitted that they were not prepared for the schedule, and concluded that the game on the 10th would not proceed.”

On June 8, it was conditionally approved. The official said, “The game on June 8 was approved, but conditional approval was given on the condition that the organizer fulfill one of the two following items in order to ensure safe execution of the game and minimize damage to fans in the event of an accident.” conditions explained.

The two conditions are:

Conditions 1) The organizer must deposit 2.4 billion won into the account of the Korea Football Association by 11:00 am on May 25th. (2.4 billion is 30% of the proceeds from ticket sales for the game on June 8, estimated by the organizers)

Condition 2)

– The organizer must deposit 800 million won into the Korea Football Association account by 11:00 am on May 25. (800 million is 10% of the proceeds from ticket sales estimated by the organizers for the match on June 8)

– The organizer must submit a special contract for monetary claim trust signed by the organizer and the investor to the association by 11:00 am on May 25th. The special agreement states that ‘in case of damage to fans due to an accident, refund of ticket proceeds to fans who have entered is the top priority’ and ‘prior written consent of the Korea Football Association in the event of ticket revenue settlement after the game or refund of admission fee due to an accident. Receive and execute’ must be included. (Monetary receivables trust was proposed by the organizers to the Korea Football Association as an alternative to imposing a deposit) The

reason why KFA imposed a deposit is clear. The imposition of a deposit is also part of the Korea Football Association’s international competition approval regulations, and they want a strong device to prevent the ‘Ronaldo No Show’ incident during Juventus’ visit to Korea in the past. In particular, KFA set these conditions in order to protect football fans as much as possible when there was a problem with their visit to Korea.

The final decision to visit Naples and Mallorca will be made on the 25th. The organizers are well aware of the conditional approval of the KFA, and are preparing for the two clubs’ visit to Korea to meet the expectations of soccer fans, even though a single match may result in losses.

An official from the soccer world said, “It is a structure in which the organizers can suffer losses when only one match is played between Naples and Mallorca in Korea. I know they are promoting a match between Naples and Mallorca for this purpose. I have high expectations because I can see the match between Kim Min-jae and Lee Kang-in, who have become popular in Korea, and the two clubs are also very active in visiting Korea.” 

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