Sakhalin Korean massacre confirmation… Obtaining classified former Soviet documents

Immediately after liberation, there was an메이저놀이터 incident in which Koreans who were forcibly mobilized from Sakhalin, Russia, were massacred by Japanese police and others.

We have exclusively obtained secret official documents from the former Soviet government supporting the relevant facts.

It is expected to be of great help in the investigation of related cases in the future.

This is reporter Lee Jung-hoon’s exclusive report.


Three black-and-white photos of the body found among the bushes.

These are Koreans killed by the Japanese in Sakhalin, Russia right after liberation.

It was first released as a picture included in a secret document of the former Soviet government. In the confidential documents obtained exclusively by KBS, the arrest decision of the suspect who falsely accused the Koreans of being a spy and the Chinese character names of Japanese police secret agents are also found everywhere


Around mid-August 1945, right after liberation, he was indiscriminately murdered in Sakhalin, Russia, on rumors that Koreans might engage in ‘spying’ on the Soviet side and cause a riot.

75 years after the incident, documents such as interrogation reports and trial records in the massacre were declassified, and the Sakhalin Korean Association and others obtained and disclosed them.

[Soundbite] Jin Yulia/Dr. Sakhalin Folk Museum : “We will uncover the names of all Korean victims who were not known to have been massacred in Sakhalin, and will remember these incidents while studying them.”]

Evidence that there were 35 victims of the genocide in Mizuho village, not the 27 initially known, was also confirmed with this document.

In addition, documents such as the killing of 18 Koreans by Japanese police in Kamishiska, Sakhalin, and the arson and killing of Japanese soldiers were also released.

[Visit Il-kwon/Professor/Former Investigation Officer of the Forced Mobilization Victims Investigation Committee : “(The reason for the massacre) is Japanese militarism and the Japanese colonial system’s own perception of various mistakes in the last situation.”] Russia right after

liberation As the atrocities committed by the Japanese imperialists in Sakhalin were once again confirmed through official documents of the former Soviet government, voices calling for a full reinvestigation of the incident are growing.

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