Longer legs with only 22 won? The identity of the ‘fake navel’ that has attracted Chinese women

Foreign media reported that there is a craze for attaching안전놀이터 ‘fake navel stickers’ among Chinese women in the summer, the season of exposure. According to

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post ( SCMP ) on the 10th, recently, in China, more and more women are wearing belly button stickers several centimeters above their actual belly buttons.

Similar to a disposable tattoo sticker, this navel sticker is attached and the real navel is covered when the pants are pulled up. In this way, the position of the fake belly button is recognized as the waist, and it is popular because it has the effect of making the legs look longer, the media reported.

Navel stickers are also a popular item in Pinduoduo, one of the Chinese online shopping platforms. One seller said that they are selling 2 stickers with 32 navel stickers for 4 yuan (about 730 won), and they recently received orders for 4400 sets.

The popularity of belly button stickers is also confirmed by Xiaohongshu, the Chinese version of Instagram. One Xiaohongshu user said, “Every summer, I wanted to wear stylish clothes that were exposed, but my body shape got in the way. But these stickers do not come off easily, do not reflect light, and are even waterproof.” “I’d like to call it the most successful invention of the year,” he added.

One TikTok user described it as “a cheating tool to say goodbye to the ‘two-headed body’ ratio, where the ratio of the upper body to the lower body is 1:1.” Some users have even shared tips for applying makeup powder to the skin around the belly button to prevent the sticker from appearing, SCMP reports.

According to SCMP , in addition to fake navel stickers, various beauty aids such as fake breasts, buttocks, shoulders, collarbones, and noses are popular in China these days. It emphasizes the curves of the body with fake hips and attaches fake shoulders to widen the narrow shoulders, aiming for an effect that looks cool when wearing clothes.

The media said, “Some people are concerned that the trend of pursuing beauty by mobilizing fake body parts may arouse anxiety related to appearance.” ” he pinched.

In this regard, Miss Nan, a fashion influencer with 2 million followers on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, told SCMP , “Most women will go through a growth process in which they place less value on their appearance as they grow older and mature.” You don’t have to worry too much because you’ll be freed from overly conscious behavior.”

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