Pointing to the 23rd place in SF’s power ranking, “Due to poor performance after Lee Jung-hoo, he stole 0.205 NO.”

The power ranking of the opening two weeks of the Major League San Francisco, where Lee Jung-hoo plays, fell to 23rd place.

MLB.com placed San Francisco at the 23rd place in its power ranking, which evaluates the power of the 30 major league teams announced on Wednesday. San Francisco was ranked 17th in last week’s announcement, but fell six notches.

The team ranks fourth among teams in the National League’s western district. After recruiting Lee Jung-hoo, San Francisco Giants strengthened its power by recruiting third baseman Matt Chapman and Cy Young Award-winning left-hander Blake Snell, but it still has many obstacles to overcome in terms of team strength.

The Los Angeles Dodgers topped the list of power players announced on the day. It rose from second to first. Mookie Betts’ crazy performance as the first hitter and shortstop led his rise in the rankings. He is ranked first in almost every corner of the Major League Baseball’s offense.

It is also encouraging that Shohei Ohtani, who had shown poor performance since the season’s opening, has revived recently. Ohtani has elevated his OPS to 0.944, continuing his multi-hit streak in the recent four games. 유흥알바

San Francisco, on the other hand, has dropped to 23rd place. Arizona is ranked 13th and San Diego is 19th, ranking fourth in the Western Division of the National League, ahead of only Colorado (29th).

MLB.com pointed out San Francisco’s falling ranking as a result of its sluggishness. MLB.com simply said, “Lee got off to a good start as his team had expected in the early days of the season, but he has been sluggish since then. His batting average has dropped to 0.205, and he has stolen no base at all.”

Since the opening of the season, Lee has continued his streak of on-base hits in consecutive games, and he has had hits in almost every game, but only had no hits in three consecutive games, before reporting a hit in the game on Tuesday. As his contact capability remains intact, but his chances of producing strong hits have declined, the number of groundouts is increasing. Adapting to the center fielder’s defense in the newly changed environment is also becoming a challenge for Lee. It is a general analysis that Lee needs some adjustment period to display his capabilities.

San Francisco ranks fourth in the National League West with four wins and six losses before the game on the 9th.

Meanwhile, Atlanta, which was ranked No. 1 last week, dropped one notch to No. 2 after hearing about ace Spence Strider’s elbow injury. Max Fried, another starting pitcher, has been extremely sluggish in the two games since the season opened. Fried also allowed six runs in the first inning on Tuesday.

In third place was the New York Yankees, where Juan Soto is playing very well. It jumped from seventh to third last week. The Yankees began to see Aaron Judge’s home run due to Soto’s performance and even Jean-Calais Stanton hit a home run.

Detroit, which was ranked 20th last week, rose to 7th this week, which is what stands out most in this week’s power rankings. After continuing its winning streak at the beginning of the season, Detroit lost two games to Oakland, but is still considered to be on the rise. Detroit is ranking second in the American League Central with six wins and three losses.

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