Kim Ha-sung! He gave up the game with two errors, and Lee Jung-hoo produced a hit in four games…SF 3-2 SD

San Francisco Giants Lee Jung-hoo got a hit in four games.

Lee Jung-hoo scored one hit and one run in four at-bats in a home game against the San Diego Padres at Oracle Park on the 8th (Korea time).

San Francisco came from behind to win 3-2. However, it was due to an error by opposing San Diego shortstop Kim Ha-sung. Kim Ha-sung committed two critical errors and took the blame for the upset loss.

First of all, Lee Jung-hoo, who played as a leadoff center fielder, hit a heavy hit against right-handed starter Matt Waldron in the bottom of the first inning when his team was trailing 0-1. When his 5th four-seam fastball flew into the low strike zone outside with a ball count of 2B2S, he lightly turned the bat to create a heavy hit that flowed between the shortstop and the second baseman.

His batting speed was 102.8 miles, which was a hard hit. Local broadcasters said that Lee Jung-hoo created chances for the Giants from the beginning with his good bat control.

It is the first time in four games that Lee Jung-hoo has a hit since the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the 3rd. He had no hits in 11 times at bat in three games against San Diego from the 6th to the previous day, and his batting average fell to 0.200.

San Francisco, however, failed to garner a point despite Lee Jung-hoo’s first-base hit. After No. 2 Lamont Wade Jr. struck out swinging, Jorge Soler hit a double that fell on the left foul line, creating a chance with one out and runners on second and third, but Michael Confoto missed the chance by hitting a foul fly to third baseman and Matt Chapman to right field.

Lee hit a grounder to shortstop in his second at-bat after one out in the third inning. Waldron’s second pitch, a sinker 91.5 miles outside, was caught by shortstop Kim Ha-sung over the height of the pitcher.

While San Diego widened the gap to 2-0 with Kim Ha-sung’s left-handed hit in the top of the sixth inning with one out and runners on first and third, San Francisco followed with Lee Jung-hoo’s score in the bottom of the sixth inning.

As the leadoff hitter, he hit a sinker that fell to the high course on Waldron’s fourth pitch of 88.2 miles with the ball count of 2B1S, and hit a hard hit towards the second base. The batting speed was 95 miles. Kim Ha-sung, who was waiting next to the second base, caught it and threw it to the first base, and Lee lived as it became a bad pitch that exceeded the height of first baseman Jake Cronenworks. Kim had a chance thanks to his absurd error. Kim Ha-sung’s first error of this season.

San Francisco then followed with a 1-2 run when Chapman hit a grounder to shortstop with Lamont Jr.’s hit to the right and a walk to the bases loaded with one out by Confoto. Chapman’s grounder was well guarded by Kim Ha-sung, who caught short bound and threw reverse motion to second base to force out the first baseman. 핑크알바

However, Kim’s more critical error came in the bottom of the eighth inning. After leading off Lee Jung-hoo with a catcher’s foul fly, San Francisco faced a chance to hit Wilmer Flores to the left and Soler to the right-center with one out. Confoto then hit a grounder to the first base. First baseman Jake Cronenworth stepped first and threw to the second base for a reverse double play.

However, as soon as Kim Ha-sung caught and tagged Soler, the ball fell out of his glove and flowed toward the outfield. With Soler trying to slide to second base, the ball fell out as he hit Kim Ha-sung’s glove at that speed.

With Soler’s normal base running, it was recorded as Kim Ha-sung’s catch error. In the meantime, pinch runner Tyler Fitzgerald homered. Chapman then hit a hit to the right, bringing Soler home and turning the game around 3-2. If Kim Ha-sung didn’t miss the ball after tagging Soler, the inning would have ended as it was and the 2-1 lead was maintained.

All three of San Diego’s three runs were recorded as visa-free because Kim Ha-sung’s errors were the cause.

San Francisco’s closing Camilo Doval blocked one hit and no run in the first inning in the top of the ninth inning and protected the victory.

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