Park Sang-hyun, 2nd place by 4 strokes in the lead on the first day of the KPGA Korea Championship

Park Sang-hyun (Dong-A Pharmaceuticals) will challenge for the championship by tying for second place on the first day of the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour and DP World Tour co-sponsored tournament held in 10 years since 2013.

Park Sang-hyun shot a 5-under 67 in the first round of the Korea Championship Presented by Genesis (total prize money 2 million dollars, championship prize money 340,000 dollars) held at Jack Nicklaus GCK Urban, Links Course (par 72) in Songdo, Incheon on the 27th.

Park Sang-hyun committed one bogey but caught 6 birdies. Park Sang-hyun tied for second place, 4 strokes behind the solo leader Antoine Rosner (France), who hit 9 under par. Andy Sullivan from England is tied for second place with Park Sang-hyun at 5 under par.

Park Sang-hyun, who has won a total of 13 wins (11 wins in Korea, 2 wins in Japan tour), is running first in Korea with a total prize money of 4,456,566,753 won.

Park Sang-hyun said, “I am satisfied with finishing the first round with a good score.” I looked back.

He said, “I participated in the Ballantine’s Championship, a tournament jointly organized with the DP World Tour held in Korea in 2011, and I placed third at that time.” “I foresaw.

When asked about the expected winning score, Park Sang-hyun said, “As time passes, the wind will blow stronger and the pin position will become more difficult. The green will become harder and it is impossible to predict what variables will come out.” “There is also a forecast for rain on Saturday. I expect the score to be around 15 under par.”크크크벳

Hyungjun Lee (Welcome Savings Bank) tied for 4th with a 4 under par. Lee Hyeong-jun said, “The weather was better than expected and the course condition was so much easier than I thought. There were holes where the pin position was difficult, so I tried to send the ball to the center of the green, so I had a lot of opportunities. Also, I was able to catch a lot of birdies because the putt feel was good.” “But it’s a course where mistakes can happen if you’re greedy, so I played defensively rather than aggressively,” he explained.

Ok Tae-hoon (Geumgang Housing) and Kim Bio (Hoban Construction) tied for ninth place with a 3-under par along with Bae Sang-moon (Kiwoom Securities), Ko Gun-taek (Daebo Construction), Yang Ji-ho, and Jung Han-mil (Dohui Edgar).

Ok Tae-hoon said, “It was a good game overall. The shot went well and when the opportunity came, I followed the putt well, so it was a satisfactory game.” “I will play a little more strategically tomorrow.”

“The course condition was good and the overall play was good,” said Bio Kim. “It would be nice if the wind blows a little less.

The sole leader is Antoine Rosner (France) who hit 9 under par. Rosner has won three times in his career on the DP World Tour. Rosner said, “I played the first two par 5 holes well. I didn’t have many opportunities in the second half, but I don’t think I missed them when I had them. Today was a day of perfect luck.” “I wish I could play golf like this every day.” I don’t think there will be any,” he said.

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