After finishing his debut season, Jo Jae-woo’s determination, “I want to show a different side of me next season”

Jo Jae-woo said his determination.

Dankook University won 80-48 against Myongji University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League Namdaebu Regular League held at Dankook University Cheonan Campus Physical Education on the 25th.

At the Dankook University game that day, a familiar face came to the stadium. It was Cho Jae-woo (199cm, C) from Dankook University. Cho Jae-woo participated in the 2022 KBL Rookie Draft and was selected by Goyang Carrot in the 7th place in the 1st round. Although he didn’t get many opportunities in the professional world, he played an active part as a member of ‘Inspiring Carrot’.

Looking back on his debut season, Cho Jae-woo said, “After debuting, he couldn’t play many games, but he considers it an honor to join the pros. In fact, as everyone knows, the team was in a difficult situation. But united with his older brothers, he got through the situation well. He was so moved and moved to be in it.”

Even before the start of the season, Carrot was rated in the lower ranks. However, with a hot outside shot, he finished 5th in the regular season. Carrot’s upward trend continued in the playoffs. We met Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in the playoffs in the 6th round. In a 1-2 situation, they caught both the 4th and 5th games and miraculously advanced to the playoffs in the quarterfinals.

Although he was eliminated in the playoffs in the semifinals, he also caught the second game and did not give up until the end, giving basketball fans a coach. To this, Jo Jae-woo also said, “Actually, I kept watching the hyungs play on the bench. I did my best without sparing myself. It was impressive and it gave me a lot of realization. It was really touching,” he said, “I was so happy that I was in it.”

Cho Jae-woo played only 3 games last season. Also, Carrot did not run the D-League. He is Cho Jae-woo, who has not played many games. As such, he said, “I couldn’t play many games last season, but I learned a lot while watching. He was motivated by thinking that he wanted to play more.”

Afterwards, when asked about the difference between college and pro, Cho Jae-woo said, “The physical difference seems to be the biggest. Actually, I was fine in the college league. (Laughs) But when I came to the pros, I was pushed back from the physical struggle. There were foreign players, and the domestic players were too strong. If you remove the power there, you will get hurt.”ㅋㅋㅋ벳

“I am going to do more weight training this off-season. Knowing my shortcomings, I want to make up for it for the next season. Next season, I want to show a more mature image with a different image.”

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