Parents of Seoi Elementary School’s ‘pencil incident’ sue netizens who posted malicious comments

 The parents of a student at Seoi Elementary먹튀검증 School in Seocho-gu, Seoul filed a lawsuit against netizens over the ‘pencil incident’ that occurred among the students in charge before he committed suicide.

According to law firm CK on the 13th, the parents of the student who was injured in the pencil incident filed a complaint at Seocho Police Station in Seoul the day before, requesting that 26 netizens who spread false information in online communities or posted malicious comments on Internet articles be investigated for defamation or insult under the Information and Communications Network Act. filed a complaint.

The pencil incident occurred on July 12, six days before the teacher was found dead, when one student drew another student’s forehead with a pencil. This incident raised suspicions that parents may have made malicious complaints while communicating with the homeroom teacher. Police investigated four parents on both sides but found no criminal charges.

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