To Jaurim Kim Yuna, “What kind of official position is being a celebrity?” Successive criticism of the People Power Party

Following Kim Ki-hyun, People Power Party representative스포츠토토, Jang Ye-chan, Youth Supreme Council member of People Power Party, also joined in criticizing Jaurim vocalist Kim Yuna (pictured). Supreme Commissioner Jang appeared on BBS radio’s ‘Jeon Young-shin’s Morning Journal’ on the 13th and said, “What kind of official position are celebrities so they can say whatever they want and not take any responsibility?” and added, “That era is over .

” On this day, the host referred to CEO Kim’s remarks criticizing Mr. Kim as an inconsiderate celebrity and asked, “Isn’t it inevitable that the blacklist in the culture and arts world will resurface like déjà vu?” Supreme Commissioner Jang responded, “Representative Kim’s remarks and President Yu In-chon’s Office of Culture and Sports “The appointment of a special advisor, cultural blacklist, etc. are completely unrelated,” he said. “Conservative right-wing celebrities are at a huge social disadvantage even if they reveal even a little bit about their political leanings, while progressive left-wing celebrities can say anything, even during the mad cow disease incident, and it can be scientifically verified.” “I wasn’t bothered at all by talking about this absurd conspiracy theory,” he said. He continued, “Jaurim Kim Yoon-ah or anyone else has the freedom to say what they want, but they must take heavy responsibility for their public remarks.” He added, “Isn’t this a very provocative incitement without even the minimum scientific knowledge? If that’s the case, then the national public opinion about it should be raised.” “We must accept the evaluation calmly,” he explained.

The host asked, ‘Is it appropriate for the leader of the ruling party to single out and criticize a specific celebrity? When asked again, “Is there any possibility that it could be seen as pressuring freedom of expression in the culture and arts world?” he countered, “No.”

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