Otter swallows 50 carp at hotel… Price around 160 million won

When a British hotel installed a closed-circuit 토토사이트( CC ) TV because expensive carp kept disappearing, it turned out that an otter was the culprit.

Recently, according to the BBC , 50 Japanese ornamental koi carp, worth 2,000 pounds (about 3.33 million won) each, disappeared from the pond at the Grosvenor Fulford Hotel near Chester, England. The hotel eventually installed CCTV

The hotel staff who looked at the CCTV were surprised. An otter was stealing and eating a carp. The otter avoided the electric fence, entered the pond, snatched the carp, and ran away. When the hotel posted the CCTV footage on Facebook, netizens responded by expressing surprise at the otter’s stealing skills.

The hotel manager was bewildered, saying, “We installed an electric fence to prevent herons from stealing and eating small fish, but I had no idea that an animal as large as an otter would be able to access the pond.”

He continued, “The colorful koi carp have been happily in the garden for several years, not only attracting the attention of customers, but they have also been a valuable asset to us.”

after a total of 100,000 pounds (approximately 166.5 million won) of damage occurred .

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