‘Grandpa Fu Bao’ shouted, “Everland will all die next year”… The reason is?

“Everland will just die next year!”

What breeder Kang Cheol-won, known as ‘Grandpa Fubao’ among Fubao fans, said in a recent lecture attracted attention.

On the 8th, Everland released a video of ‘Kang Bao’s Book Live Lecture’ containing this scene through its official YouTube channel. In this lecture, Zookeeper먹튀검증 Kang mentioned the timing of his twins being revealed to the outside world.

Zookeeper Kang’s comment, which became a hot topic, came from the part where he explained that next year, twin baby pandas will be seen walking around following their mother. Zookeeper Kang’s confident statement is that once the twin baby pandas are released, they will become so popular that they will turn Everland upside down.

Zookeeper Kang said that because her mother, Ai Bao, has difficulty taking care of two baby pandas at the same time, her twins are growing up taking turns being raised by a zookeeper and in their mother’s arms. He also added that mother Ai Bao can take care of both dogs from about 4 months old when they begin to walk.

At the same time, zookeeper Kang emphasized, “At about 5 months, the baby will be able to walk and follow its mother around. From then on, Ai Bao will take the twins out to meet you.”

The twin siblings of ‘Fu Bao’, the first giant panda born in Korea, came into the world on July 7th. The twin pandas were all female, and the first and second pandas weighed 180g and 140g at birth. The baby pandas have grown rapidly over the past two months and now weigh more than 3 kg. As of the 62nd day after birth, the first child weighed 3126g and the second child weighed 3395g.

It is known that the twin pandas began to move their bodies at will and use their senses. It is said that his closed eyes have begun to open and he is moving little by little, such as turning over.

The names of the twin pandas have not been decided yet. Among fans, they are called by nicknames such as ‘1st Bao · 2nd Bao’ and ‘First Bao · Second Bao’. When baby pandas turn six months old, they will go through an adaptation process to the external environment and meet visitors.

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