Oh Seung-hwan, who is about to “Save the Oldest,” is the driving force behind his juniors this season…”Changmin is too serious”

It’s a strong support.

Oh Seung-hwan, the “eternal blue blood” who is the oldest active pitcher in the KBO League, is showing his prime power this season.

Born in 1982, he is still becoming a model for his juniors with his skills despite his old age. Oh Seung-hwan proved that he is still the league’s representative finish, making 500 saves in the Korea-U.S.-Japan career and 400 saves in the KBO league last season.

In 2005, he made his professional debut by wearing Samsung’s uniform as the fifth pick in the second round of the first round. Except for the period when he entered Japan and the U.S., he continued to be a “blue blood” man. In January, Samsung signed Oh Seung-hwan for a two-year down payment of 1 billion won and an annual salary of 1.2 billion won, beating him to enter the free agent market.

This season, Lim is tied for second in the save category with one win, two losses and 13 saves with a 2.05 ERA in 20 games until last Tuesday. He is just one save shy of No. 1 ranking SSG Moon Seung-won. If this continues, he could regain the KBO League Save King title for the first time in three years after 2021. If he makes a save in mid-July, he will break the KBO League record of oldest save ever set by Lim Chang-yong (retired) as a member of Kia on June 7, 2018.

Ahead of the game against KT on Monday, Oh said, “I have a challenge to be the oldest save ever, but I am focusing on every game without thinking about it. It will not be too late to talk about the record after the regular season is over.”
Regarding the driving force behind his strong performance this season, he said, “He is his juniors.”

“Young players such as Won Tae-in, Kim Young-woong, Lee Jae-hyun, and Kim Ji-chan are playing very well every game,” he said. “After watching my juniors play, I am taking the mound at the end. I have a strong feeling that I don’t want to ruin the game they played well.”

He added that the improvement of the team’s atmosphere with the momentum and energy of young players has a positive effect on individual performance.

In particular, he and Lim Chang-min and Kim Jae-yoon are called the “Seungri group” and lock the back door properly. When Lim Chang-min and Kim Jae-yoon joined the team, Oh reportedly had a lot of side conversations to resolve the awkwardness. He never talks about baseball during meals.

Oh Seung-hwan said, “I have a close relationship with Lim Chang-min and Kim Jae-yoon, eating often. I only talk about baseball once before eating so that I don’t have an upset stomach. I joke a lot because if the story gets longer, it can be like nagging. Chang-min is too serious.” 메이저사이트

“The two players can block one inning each. With the addition of the two players, the overload in the bullpen has disappeared, creating synergy,” he said.

Oh Seung-hwan, who says his team’s colors are doing well this season, is not satisfied with the present. I will not make hasty predictions.”

“What matters is what results we get when we finish all 144 games. It is the same for both the team and for me personally. It is more important to be properly evaluated when we finish the regular season,” Oh said, expressing his ambition to continue his momentum until the end of the season.

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