I made it difficult for you to send it…Korea National Basketball Corporation (KGC), which is embarrassed by Lee Dae-sung who returned

“The FA system, it’s deceiving the fans.”

While Lee Dae-sung, a former national guard, signed a contract with Seoul Samsung in professional basketball to return to Korea, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, his former team, did not hide its anger.

Lee Dae-sung will hold a press conference to join Samsung at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, at 2 p.m. on the 21st.

Lee Dae-sung signed a two-year contract with Samsung for a total of 600 million won in remuneration (420 million won per year, 180 million won in incentives).

It is the return of a player who used to be a national team player to the domestic stage, but public opinion is not good. The prevailing response is that Lee Dae-sung’s process and method of leaving the KBL was a problem.

Lee Dae-sung played as a member of the Korea Gas Corporation from the 2022-2023 season. 메이저사이트
He scored an average of 18.1 points per career-high game in the season, ranking first in domestic players for the second consecutive year.

Lee Dae-sung, who later became an FA, transferred to Shihosu Mikawa of the Japanese professional basketball B League as an Asian quarter member.

At that time, Korea Gas Corporation allowed Lee Dae-sung to go to Japan as an uncompensated player on a grand scale.

If Lee Dae-sung moved to a domestic club last year, Korea Gas Corporation could receive compensation worth 1.1 billion won, 200% of the remuneration, or 275 million won in compensation for compensation players and compensation.

However, the Korea Gas Corporation fully released Lee Dae-sung without withholding his rights to players, believing that he would play for at least two years on the overseas stage.

Contrary to expectations, Lee Dae-sung returned to the KBL after just one season, and Korea Gas Corporation lost his player without receiving any compensation. The situation has become unfair to Korea Gas Corporation.

Chung Yi-in, secretary-general of the Korea Gas Corporation, repeated the words “absurd” in a phone call with Newsis on the 22nd.

“I tried to trust the player, but as a result, the story (about overseas challenges) was false from start to finish. I think they just deceived our club,” Chung said.

“I don’t know if I hated the team called Korea Gas Corporation or our fans,” he said. “We see the entire club, KBL system, and fans as being deceived.”

He also emphasized that Lee Dae-sung abused the FA system.

Secretary Chung said, “The FA system may be an opportunity for some players to make a big hit (through a huge contract), but for many players, it is a crossroads for players’ lives. If players who have played basketball all their lives fail to show recognized performance, they will be at a crossroads (left and right) in their careers.”

“But (Lee Dae-sung) was the only one who benefited from the FA system, which was related to compensation. This is deceiving the system and fans,” he said. “If it were baseball or soccer (which is more popular), it would not have been easy for him to enter the country. There was no mention that (the secretary general) came back to me.”

Samsung’s social network service (SNS) post, which announced the recruitment of Lee Dae-sung, also received negative reactions such as “Someone who cleverly used the rules for Korean basketball came” and “Did you sincerely apologize to the Korea Gas Corporation?”

Attention is focusing on how Lee Dae-sung will react through a press conference to join Samsung.

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