Man United, who chased after Kim Min-jae, promised an annual salary of 10 billion… KIM Man City offer also pending

If Kim Min-jae heads to Manchester United, his annual salary will increase by a whopping 3.5 times, and he will receive 10 billion won worth.

La Repubblica, an influential Italian newspaper, reported on the 13th (Korean time), “Napoli is trying to renew the contract with Kim Min-jae, but Manchester United is willing to offer a higher salary than Napoli.”

Kim Min-jae, who joined Naples this season, quickly emerged as a key center back. He led Napoli to their first Serie A title in 33 years, and has emerged as a target for many big clubs.

Recently, Manchester United and Manchester City have come to mind. Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount was known to be 60 million euros (about 87 billion won) limited to overseas clubs, but Napoli wanted an annual salary increase and the removal of the buyout clause to protect Kim Min-jae.

Contrary to Napoli’s mind, Kim Min-jae seems to want a transfer.

On the 12th, French Foot Mercato said, “Man Utd has started negotiations for the signing of Kim Min-jae.” said to have gone

If you put together the reports of the two media, the level of salary that Man Utd re-imposed on Kim Min-jae is unconventional.

Currently, Kim Min-jae is receiving 2 million euros (about 3 billion won) from Naples. Napoli is known to be willing to raise it to 4.5 million euros (about 6.5 billion won), but Manchester United has offered 7 million euros (about 10 billion won), which is about 3.5 times the current salary.

Foot Mercato said, “If Kim Min-jae joins Manchester United, he will receive a salary worthy of a star striker.”메이저놀이터

Meanwhile, La Repubblica added, “Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is also interested in Kim Min-jae. We believe he can replace Aymeric Laporte, who left this summer,” adding that Manchester United and Manchester City will compete for Kim Min-jae.

If this happens, it is highly likely that his annual salary will increase further to win Kim Min-jae’s heart. Min-jae Kim rises to become a large player with an annual salary well above 10 billion just a year after entering the big leagues.

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