Baek Seung-ho, who has transformed into a middle striker, “It’s the first time I’ve scored multiple goals in a professional game… I was ‘super focused’ in front of the goal post”

Baek Seung-ho scored the first multi-goal in his career and shared his impressions of winning the round MVP. He also revealed his thoughts on Jeonbuk Hyundai’s rebound. Baek Seung-ho is the player who holds the key to Jeonbuk’s revival. On the 10th, he scored multiple goals against Suwon Samsung at Suwon World Cup Stadium, leading Jeonbuk to a 3-0 victory. He also won the overall MVP of the 12th round of the K League 2.카지노사이트

Baek Seung-ho, who started this day, scored the first goal with a right-footed volley in the 40th minute of the first half after receiving a pass from Hafa Silva to his head. Baek Seung-ho then scored multiple goals with a sharp free kick in the 20th minute of the second half. In addition to scoring, Baek Seung-ho led Jeonbuk’s attack by creating several flashing attack chances.

As a national team midfielder, he even scored a goal in the World Cup, but he was unable to demonstrate his charisma to lift the team during Jeonbuk’s slump at the beginning of the season. His strong performance against Suwon Samsung gave us a good feeling that Baek Seung-ho’s rise could lead to the team’s upward trend.

Baek Seung-ho said in a phone call with ‘Footballist’ on the 13th, “We did well together, but luckily I scored two goals and was selected as the MVP. I am grateful to my teammates.” I also think that if I scored well, I could have scored three goals. I thought again that each and every chance was very precious.” Full interview below.

-Congratulations on being selected as the 12th round MVP

It was a difficult situation, so I thought Suwonjeon was very important. Also, we all had a good game together and got a win even in a bad atmosphere. Everyone did well, but I am thankful to my teammates that I was lucky enough to score two goals and be named MVP. I feel like I should try harder.

-3-0 victory is the first time this season. What changes have occurred?

I tried to increase the number of attackers by adding more aggressive players to the positioning. I guess that part didn’t help. I think that helped a bit because there were at least 5 people on the offensive line.

-You transformed into a middle rider.

While preparing for the match against Suwon, coach Kim Doo-hyun seemed to see me favorably in that position. It’s a place I’ve been to a lot. So I did a lot of image training and thought a lot, but I think it went better than I thought.

-How did you do image training?

I watched a lot of Manchester City matches, and I watched a lot of matches I played. I’ve run (in this position) once or twice before. I played when we needed a 4-3-3 or offense. I couldn’t see a good look like this time, and there were a lot of regrets. Our team is currently in a difficult time, and there are not many opportunities to come up on offense, so I tried to do well this time. I guess that’s why it got so much attention.

-Have you ever scored multiple goals at home and abroad?

This is the first time I have scored multiple goals in the professional league. After the game, everyone complimented me a lot. I didn’t know that so many opportunities would come, and I didn’t know that such opportunities would arise. When I think about it, I also think that if I had scored well in the first opportunity, I could have scored three goals. I thought again that every chance is very precious.

Baek Seung-ho (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors). Reporter Seo Hyeong-kwon

Baek Seung-ho (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors). Reporter Seo Hyeong-kwon
-Especially the first volley shot was cool. It was impressive that he did not take his eyes off the ball until the end.

I missed a very big chance in the previous scene. I was super focused because another big chance like that came up again. That moment is a really important chance and whether or not we can win with this one goal depends on it. I tried to finish well somehow.

-Is it a goal scene made with the promised play?

Yes. We prepared quite a lot, such as the scene we prepared, and practicing the three-way pass in which the midfielder attacks the back space while solving from the side. I think I was happy and good because the things I prepared seemed to come out during the game.

-You scored a goal from a free kick that drew attention in the K-League.

A lot of luck followed. Rather than thinking, ‘I have to put it in directly and neatly’, I aimed for refraction. I was hit hard by that situation and went to a position that was a bit difficult for the defense, so it seems to have been refracted. Come to think of it, I think I did a good strategy.

-How did acting manager Kim Doo-hyun praise you after the game?

You said nothing special. He was happy with the good game, and it seems like he told me a lot to be free.

-What was the reason for Kim Doo-hyun’s sudden rebound in charge of the team?

Each player was assigned a role. After that, I think I tried to make use of that strength by asking the players a lot about what they are good at. Also, when we repaid him with our performance for the coach’s unfortunate departure, he said that we should show a different side of ourselves and show that the coach did no harm to us. It seems that the players have prepared themselves well.

-I think your resolution against Incheon will be different.

We won well against Suwon. I think Incheon will probably come out well prepared, and we will prepare well to match that. Now that I have won a game in a cool way, I will prepare more carefully and humbly so that I can have a good game and win against Incheon in a fun way.

Baek Seung-ho (left), Hafa Silva (right, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors). Reporter Seo Hyeong-kwon

Baek Seung-ho (left), Hafa Silva (right, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors). Reporter Seo Hyeong-kwon
-Ah, you recently started a blog, and the first post has a lot of favorable reviews.

I was worried before starting. Of course, there are many people who are more professional than me, study tactically, and know more. Still, I think it’s fortunate that those people and the fans look at me favorably.

-It was good to share interesting experiences such as Busquets stories.

I wanted to talk about and share some of those events, but a good opportunity came up. So I guess I tried to have a little fun. I think I will continue to use this kind of tactics and things related to midfielders in the future.

  • Busquets is leaving Barcelona.

When you think of Barcelona, ​​there are Messi, Xavi, and Iniesta, but Busquets is definitely the player that comes to mind. It’s a pity to say that it will end in Barcelona. Once again, I think I’m going to look back at some of the games Busquets played. I feel very sorry.

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