Little giant leadership led by the tiger corps…”If you don’t notice the juniors”

KIA Tigers ‘Little Giant’ Kim Seon-bin (34) revealed his determination to welcome this season.

Kim Sun-bin attended the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Media Day’ held at Grand Hyatt Seoul in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the 30th as a representative of the team. After the event, Sunbin Kim, who met with reporters, declared the summit challenge, saying, “Now the season begins. Other teams also aim to win. I think we will have to work twice as hard.”

This season as well as last year, Kim Seon-bin took on the important role of leading the tiger corps as captain. He finished the 2022 season in 5th place and had a short fall after losing to kt wiz in the wild card match. Therefore, the resolution to greet the season is different. Kim Seon-bin, who is looking at a higher ranking, said, “There is tension every year. It will disappear when the season starts, but I feel a lot of tension when it starts.”

He also revealed his intention to create a comfortable atmosphere as a captain. He expressed his desire for junior players to play with confidence. Kim Seon-bin said, “The young players are also doing well. I hope you enjoy baseball. Coach Kim Jong-guk also orders the players. I want them to play without paying attention.”

This is Kim Sun-bin, who has just celebrated the 15th anniversary. She has a 14-year age difference from Kim Do-young (20), who attended the media day together. From the way she looks at her distant junior, she can feel her age. Kim Sun-bin said, “Kim Do-yeong’s strengths are in everything. She especially is young,” she laughed.

At the same time, she said,메이저놀이터 “When I was young, I noticed a lot. Now it’s different. I don’t even notice the team atmosphere. The coach says let’s not do that. At Doyoung’s age, just playing baseball is his strength.”

Lastly, Kim Seon-bin revealed her goal, saying, “I prepare the same every year. I want to finish the season without injury. If that’s the case, my grades will follow.”

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