Lim Dong-eon of Chung-Ang University regained confidence, “I want to make myself known”

 “I hope this will be a year in which my personal skills improve and I become known a lot.”

Chung-Ang University prepares for the year 2023 with homework to fill the graduation void of Park In-woong, Moon Ga-on, and Jung Sung-hoon. Even if a freshman joins the team, the priority is for existing players to fill the vacant positions of graduates.

The player who will get a spot in the forward position is Lim Dong-eon (195cm, F), who will be in his third year. Im Dong-eon played for around 10 minutes in his freshman year when he entered Chung-Ang University, but the same was true in his sophomore year. He averaged 9 minutes and 31 seconds in 12 games in the college basketball league last year. In the MBC National University Basketball Championship, the participation time was 4 minutes and 2 seconds, half of the time.

Lim Dong-eon, who suffered an ankle injury in the match against Chosun University, was not given much credit because he did not feel the game. 스포츠토토

Chung-Ang University has been playing practice matches against Gyeongbok High School and Bae Jae High School in Uljin-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do since the 9th. Im Dong-eon spends a long time on the court as players who are supposed to play as the main players are injured.

Lim Dong-eon, who we met after training on the afternoon of the 10th, said, “Unlike the year before or last year, he is a senior, so he tries to help his brothers and lead them further. Our team has a culture led by seniors, so I train hard while showing myself from the front.”

Last year, Im Dong-eon, who was not good at the game despite his desire to do it, said, “I lost my confidence because I was scolded a lot while changing positions. Now I try to have more confidence without being swept away by such things myself. That’s why it’s better than that time,” he said. “I talked a lot with the director and coach, and we talked a lot among ourselves. I gain confidence by holding a lot of group meetings by grade, and the play I want comes out from the play,” he said, confident that he will show a different play from last year.

When asked what role he should play in the team, Lim Dong-eon said, “I think I will play a lot with numbers 3 and 4 (small forward, power forward). He can even play number 5 (center), but he participates in rebounding in any position, holds it firmly, makes sure to defend the opponent’s ace, etc., and has to help (colleagues) where he can’t. He said, “Since he is in his third year, he helps harder, and he just needs to be confident in the attack.”

Lim Dong-eon, who plays the role of a big man in the practice game because Lee Kang-hyun and Park Chul-hyun are injured, said, “Rebounding is also difficult. He is faithful to the role he has been given,” he said. “Because I am a college student, I try to take more atmosphere or flow. He runs so that what he practiced comes out more.”

When asked how he would spend 2023, Lim Dong-eon said, “It’s all lacking, but first, I want to supplement the defense more. I wish I could play more aggressively in the attack,” he said. I hope this year will be a year where I can be known a lot as my personal abilities improve. I just need to do well. If I wake up and work hard, there will be good results.”

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