Lee Dong-kwan, admitted to writing a document on the ‘Chosun Ilbo issue’

On the 16th, Lee Myung-bak, a candidate for the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, admitted to the suspicion that he had managed reports critical of the government by writing a document titled “Reporting on Chosun Ilbo Issues” while serving as Blue House Spokesman Lee Myung-bak. In the meantime, Candidate Lee said, “I have never ordered, never seen, or been reported to” about documents suspected of political involvement, civilian inspections, and control of the media produced by the National Intelligence Service or inside the Blue House. It is the only one that has admitted to writing a report on the Chosun Ilbo issue.

Candidate Lee submitted written questions and answers to the Science and Technology Information Broadcasting and Communications Committee of the National Assembly on the same day. Candidate Lee said, “If you look at the ‘Chosun Ilbo issue report’ document written by the spokesperson’s office in 2008-2009, 176 articles and columns critical of the Blue House, the president, his family, and the government were separately organized and managed by Democratic Party lawmaker Jang Gyeong-tae. When asked why, he replied, “I was just monitoring to understand메이저놀이터 the current state of the media.” He added, “I understand the expression ‘problem reporting’ as the purpose of reporting that needs to be watched with interest in order to check the facts, refer to state administration, and reflect it in future policies.”

In the Chosun Ilbo issue report document prepared by Spokesman Lee Dong-gwan, 176 Chosun Ilbo articles written from March 2008 to June 2009 are classified as issue reports. The document was obtained in 2018 by the prosecution, who was investigating the suspicion of the actual owner of DAS by former president Lee Myung-bak, by seizing and searching the Yeongpo Building in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

This candidate is a ‘ VIP'(President) He said that he was not involved in other Blue House documents found in the Yeongpo Building, such as ‘journalists to be encouraged by phone’ and ‘Reporter Kim ○○’s video related to mad cow disease’. In the document titled ‘Journalists to be Encouraged by VIP Phone Call’ , which suggested that journalists who are friendly to the government should be selected and encouraged by the President’s phone call, ‘Speaker Lee Dong-gwan’ is listed as the reporter. However, candidate Lee said, “I have not been instructed or reported to write related documents.”

Candidate Lee is also suspected of having the Office of the Chief Public Relations prepare a document called ‘ YTN Press List’ and take measures to revise the content of reports critical of the government when he was serving as the Chief Public Relations Officer at the Blue House. Looking at the YTN press list documents obtained by the Kyunghyang Shinmun through the office of Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Jung-moon, the senior public relations office of Lee Dong-gwan analyzed YTN daily reports, classified government-critical content as ‘problem content’, and wrote ‘results of action’. On May 31, 2010, when YTN reported negative reactions from foreign media regarding the Korea-China-Japan trilateral summit, Lee Dong-gwan’s Public Relations Office stated that it had “not reported the article since the 14:00 News.” He also instructed to refine the anchor ment. Regarding the ‘ YTN

Press List’ document, Candidate Lee’s side said, “It is a normal job to look at and communicate with the media, and it was handled by the working-level staff without separate instructions or reports.”

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