’20 billion real estate’ Park Soo-hong’s brother-in-law said at the trial… “You did a good job on your finances”

Broadcaster Park Soo-hong (52)’s sister-in-law’s aunt (51)스포츠토토 is said to have claimed that she “did a good investment” about how she acquired real estate worth 20 billion won.

Park Soo-hong’s legal representative, Lawyer Noh Jong-eon (a law firm exists), mentioned Lee’s property in a video posted on YouTube on the 11th.

Lee, along with her husband Jun-hong (55), were put on trial for embezzling Park Soo-hong’s property. According to the prosecution, he paid for his children’s school fees with a corporate card of Media Boom, an entertainment agency founded by Jun-hong, and stole 8 million won in cash from a bank account in the name of Park Soo-hong every day.

In particular, Lee bought a shopping mall in Mapo-gu, Seoul in 2004, and two apartments in Gangseo-gu and Mapo-gu, Seoul for a total of 3.7 billion won in 2014 under a joint name with Junhong. In Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu, it owns eight shopping malls worth more than 10 billion won. The total value of real estate holdings exceeds 20 billion won.

Regarding this, Attorney Noh Jong-eon criticized, “(About her husband’s alleged embezzlement), people who say they don’t know anything have a lot of property.”

Park Soo-hong’s wife and Kim Da-ye, head of the victim’s human rights team at the law firm, said, “From the defendant’s point of view, only a fraction of the amount (of the embezzlement property) is being sued.” .

At the same time, she pointed out, “There is no reflection or anything like that until now. Looking at incidents and accidents based on trust, the people who betrayed were willing to betray from the beginning, so there is no guilt and it is only up to those who suffered.”

Ms. Kim also expressed frustration, saying, “Her husband Park Soo-hong waited for a year and four months to hear the sincere reflection of her brother and sister.”

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