KIA high-quality baseball beat LG’s foot baseball, exhilarating reverse play 3 consecutive victories ‘extension 11 times rainy Jamsil punishment 4 hours 14 minutes great bloody battle’ 

The confrontation between LG and KIA, which always produce a fierce game, took place for the first time this season. The game started at 6:30 pm and ended at 10:44 pm. The duration of the match is 4 hours and 14 minutes. The winner of the first match was the KIA Tigers. KIA’s squeezing high-end baseball beat LG’s foot baseball.

The KIA Tigers won a 4-3 come-from-behind victory after 11 overtime fights in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League away game against the LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 28th (22,695 visitors, the most at an LG home this season). LG was unable to continue the upward trend of the victory against SSG the previous day (27th) and marked 15 wins and 9 losses. LG gave up the lead to SSG, who defeated Doosan on the same day. On the other hand, KIA ran 3 consecutive wins and became 10-11.

After the sun went down, it started to rain in Jamsilbeol in the evening. KIA failed to take advantage of the chances of two outs on second base at the beginning of the ninth inning, and LG with two outs on first base at the end of the ninth inning. The match went into overtime. 10 extra reps. In the KIA, after two deaths, Ryu Ji-hyeok scored a heavy hit against Kim Jin-seong. However, Kim Gyu-seong struck out on a swing and hung his head.

The 10th inning continued. After one out, Shin Min-jae, who had previously been the runner-up, went on base with a hit to left-center that exceeded the shortstop’s height. KIA pitcher Jung Hae-young’s check ball continued to be scattered to first base, and after two outs, he succeeded in stealing second base. It was ‘lightning speed’ that even pierced the pitch out of the KIA battery. However, Park Dong-won failed to score as he retreated with a straight hit to left field.

Extended 11th inning. KIA’s high-end baseball came out. LG pitcher Yoo Young-chan. However, Yoo Young-chan was shaken. Leading batter Kim Seon-bin went on base with a right-handed hit and was replaced by lead runner Hong Jong-pyo. Hyung-Woo Choi fly out to right field. Byun Woo-hyeok’s walk and Socrates’ infield hit to the third baseman gave him a golden opportunity to top the bases. Here, Lee Chang-jin played high-quality baseball, scoring an RBI on a sacrifice fly by center fielder, and succeeded in a 4-3 comeback.

The 11th inning followed. Jung Hae-young is still the KIA pitcher. For LG, lead batter Seo Kun-chang went on base with a hit in the middle right. However, after Park Hae-min withdrew due to a foul fly-out by the first baseman, Hong Chang-ki’s batted ball led to a straight hit by the second baseman, and Seo Geon-chang failed to return base and led to a double play, ending the game that day.

KIA attacked Lim Chan-gyu from the beginning of the first inning and succeeded in overpowering the baseline. After one out, Ko Jong-wook hit right-handed, and Kim Sun-bin’s left-handed double hit went to third base. When Choi Hyeong-woo followed up at bat, the foil came out and Ko Jong-wook, the third base runner, scored first. Choi Hyung-woo went on base with a walk, and Hwang Dae-in scored an RBI on a sacrifice fly to right field. The score was 2-0. Lim Chan-gyu faced the crisis of losing points again in the second inning. Leading batter Lee Chan-jin’s heavy hit, and Park Chan-ho’s grounder to first base after a run, Austin’s throw to second base went sideways. The official record is Austin’s throw error. However, he overcame a big crisis by striking out Ryu Ji-hyeok and Ko Jong-wook in a row.

It was an opportunity after a crisis. At the end of the second inning, LG immediately turned the game to the starting point. Leading batsman Austin’s walk, Kim Hyun-soo’s hit to the left, and Moon Bo-gyeong’s ball that fit the body created a chance to safely load the bases. Park Dong-Won struck out and Kim Min-Sung was in vain due to a catcher foul fly out, but Park Hae-Min scored two RBIs in the right middle and turned the game to 2-2.

After that, the starters of both teams unfolded a good fight. Lim Chan-gyu silenced 11 batters in a row, including three consecutive innings from the 3rd to the 5th inning. Yang Hyeon-jong was also hit by lead batter Hong Chang-ki in the third inning, but caught it with a check ball. In the 4th inning, he allowed a walk to Austin, the lead batter, but the next three batters were beaten.

The tight balance was broken in the 5th inning. LG Bench raised the number first. Leading batter Kim Min-seong reached base with a double that fell inside the left field, and then went to third base when Park Hae-min grounded to second base. 1 out 3 chance. At that moment, the LG bench moved. Instead of Kim Min-seong, the quick-footed Seo Geon-chang was replaced.

At this time, the mind of the KIA bench was bound to become complicated. It was because it was the LG Twins who were trying many strategies from the beginning of this season. In the midst of a tight pitching battle, if it was a one-point fight, a squeeze score was needed. A situation reminiscent of a squeeze bunt. The KIA infield prepared for the bunt by playing forward defense as a whole.

The next hitter was Hong Chang-ki, a left-handed hitter who was quick on his feet. I was able to attack while pulling the KIA defense to the fullest. In the end, Hong Chang-ki attacked the 3rd pitch with a ball count of 1-1, creating a heavy hit at the right time. The high-bound ball crossed shortstop Park Chan-ho’s height and led to a timely hit. Hong Chang-ki seemed to be a ball that could have been put out at first base if he had played normal defense. LG continued to have opportunities for 1st and 2nd bases with Moon Seong-ju hitting a heavy hit, but Oh Ji-hwan struck out and Austin was out with a shortstop fly ball, so they could not score an additional run.

LG also put Lim Chan-gyu on the mound in the 6th inning. Lim Chan-kyu, who gave up a left-handed hit to Kim Seon-bin, and threw Choi Hyeong-woo into left field. That was it. 5⅓ innings, 4 hits, 1 walk, 6 strikeouts, 2 runs (1 earned). He threw a total of 83 pitches, a mix of 37 fastballs, 21 curveballs, 20 changeups, and 5 sliders. The maximum speed of his fastball reached 144 km. Park Myeong-geun, who took the mound after Lim Chan-gyu, finished the inning by eliminating Hwang Dae-in with a double stroke in front of the shortstop.

KIA also put Kim Ki-hoon on the mound instead of Yang Hyeon-jong from the 6th inning. Yang Hyeon-jong’s performance on this day was 5 innings, 7 hits, 3 walks, 5 strikeouts and 3 runs (3 earned). He used 62 fastballs, 21 sliders, 15 changeups, and 1 curveball, respectively, and his fastest speed reached 149 km.

At the end of the 6th inning, LG stopped the flow of offense with another check. After one out, Moon Bo-kyung went on base with a right-handed hit. However, before he threw the first pitch against Park Dong-won, he was caught in the first base check and was out. In LG, Jung Woo-young, who pitched in the 7th inning, blocked the KIA lineup with a three-way offense. In the 7th inning, Dae-Yoo Kim got on the mound and gave away a hit and a ball that hit the body, putting the KIA in danger with 2 out 1st and 2nd base, but Ji-Min Choi, who took the mound for relief, struck out Austin on a swing and passed the crisis.

I wanted to end smoothly with LG’s victory, but in the 8th KIA’s big one broke out. In the top of the 8th inning, pinch hitter Lee Woo-seong entered the at-bat when Park Chan-ho was at bat against Lee Jung-yong, who made a relief mound. In the ball count of 2-2, he attacked a fastball (147.2km) in the middle of the 5th pitch and exploded a solo shot (season 1) that tied the left midfield. 3-3 Origin. Launch angle 26.1 degrees. Exit velocity 169.8 km. The flight distance was 124.3m (according to the team’s Trackman data). The pinch hitter’s home run was the first by an individual, the second this season, and the 1003rd overall.

When the score was tied,카지노사이트 KIA put Jeon Sang-hyun on the mound at the end of the 8th inning. However, Kim Hyun-soo allowed a straight walk. Here, LG put Shin Min-jae, the ‘specialist’ major runner, to put pressure on KIA. Shin Min-jae succeeded in stealing second base despite KIA Battery pitching out after one out. However, Park Dong-Won and Seo Geon-Chang failed to score as they each retired due to floating balls in the outfield.

At the beginning of the 9th inning, LG had ‘Closer’ Woo-seok Go sortie. Go Woo-seok struck out Hyung-woo Choi for a fly ball to left field and Woo-hyeok Byun for looking. He allowed Socrates to steal second base after a straight walk, but struck out Chang-Jin Lee on a swing. In the bottom of the ninth, LG got on base with a hit by Moon Seong-joo after two outs, but Oh Ji-hwan struck out. Eventually, the game went into overtime. It was KIA’s 3rd overtime this season (so far 0-2) and LG’s 4th overtime (2-1). And the final winner was the KIA Tigers. As a result, KIA’s advanced baseball, which came out in the 11th inning, was a game that beat LG’s foot baseball.

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