Kershaw of the Dodgers, who appeared at the statue of his mother, thanked the fans who comforted him

Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander Clayton Kershaw (35), who continued to play despite his mother’s death, expressed his gratitude to the fans who comforted him.

Kershaw passed away his mother on the 14th (Korean time). As a result, Kershaw was able to spend 3 to 7 days off for congratulations and condolences, but he chose the shortest vacation period to properly digest the starting schedule.

Kershaw, who started the home game against Minnesota at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on the 17th, recorded 7 hits, 1 walk, 1 fight, 7 strikeouts and 2 runs in 4 innings. Kershaw, who did not have time to control his sadness, showed a slightly sluggish appearance.

The Dodgers lost to Minnesota 1-5, and Kershaw took his 3rd loss (6 wins) of the season. His earned run average rose from 2.36 to 2.52.스포츠토토

He provided an excuse for defeat, but fans rather comforted Kershaw. In response, Kershaw expressed his gratitude after the game, saying, “My mother was a great woman,” and “I was humbled by how many people sent messages of consolation.”

Kershaw headed straight to the funeral after finishing his mound that day. Afterwards, it is possible to take an additional holiday for congratulations and condolences, but Kershaw said, “I will also digest the schedule for the next appearance as scheduled.” Kershaw will start on the 22nd against St. Louis. 

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