“All together as one team… The goal of winning all the remaining tournaments”

Min Si-young (pictured) of Osan High School, who was chosen as the MVP of the tournament, showed strong confidence. He said, “Other teams would have prepared a lot, but we worked really hard. All the players came together as a ‘one team’ and showed a synergistic effect,” he said. “I never thought that I would lose a single game.”

Min Si-young,먹튀검증 a defensive midfielder, played the center back in this tournament. The main center back player was called up to the youth team and took his place. Because of this, Min Si-young could not record a goal or help in this tournament. Why did the honor of MVP go back to him? Min Si-young said, “Originally, the captain was to receive the MVP, but I heard that the captain recommended me to the coach. This is why it has contributed the most to uniting the team. He said, “I received the MVP, but I think everyone in our team is the MVP.” He picked national team midfielder Hwang In-beom (Olympiacos) as his role model and said, “My goal is to win all gold medals in the remaining tournaments. I think I can achieve it if I have enough power now.”

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