Kang Nan-hee “I won’t be lonely in the rain together”… The first memorial service after the burial of the late Park Won-soon’s ‘Democratic Martyr Grave’

The 3rd anniversary memorial service for the late former Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon was held on the 9th at Moran Park Cemetery in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do스포츠토토.

This memorial service was held on the first anniversary since the tomb of former Mayor Park was moved from Changnyeong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do to the graveyard of the democratic martyr in Moran Park in April.

About 200 people attended, including the bereaved family members of former Mayor Park’s spouse, Nan-hee Kang, and members of the ‘Preparatory Meeting for the 3rd Anniversary of Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon’, a group of former Mayor Park’s supporters.

Mr. Kang said, “I feel a little relieved to have the 3rd anniversary of the anniversary after enshrining the mayor here at the grave of the pro-democracy martyr this springMayor Park made an extreme choice after being accused of sexual harassment in 2020, and was buried in Seonyeong, Changnyeong-gun, his hometown, according to the will, “Please make up and sprinkle it on your parents’ oxygen.” However, in September 2021, as an incident occurred in which a man in his 20s damaged the grave of Mayor Park, it was moved to the back of the tomb of Jeon Tae-il in the graveyard of Democratic Martyrs in Moran Park on April 1 at the request of the bereaved family..

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