Jung Ho-yeon, the popular midfielder who stole ‘Hyo-sim → Hwang-sim’, “I will become a more advanced player than I was yesterday”

Another ‘Kumho Boys’ (Gwangju FC players from Kumho High School) was born to succeed the national team Na Sang-ho (27, C Seoul) and Eom Won-sang (24, Ulsan Hyundai). This is midfielder Jung Ho-yeon (23, Gwangju FC), who is rapidly expanding his presence at the professional and national team level in his K League 1 debut season.안전놀이터

Jeong Ho-yeon, who graduated from Kumho High School in Gwangju Youth and went through Dankook University and joined the Gwangju professional team last year and led the promotion to the 1st division, is showing a more mature performance this year, the K League 1 debut season. He played in all 18 games (15 starting games) of the team, and is receiving favorable reviews as a midfielder who is a beautiful midfielder who plays both offense and defense, not only active and strong pressure, but also actively involved in midfield ball distribution.

Jeong Ho-yeon, who has mastered ‘filial piety (the mind of Gwangju coach Lee Jeong-hyo)’, is also gradually stealing ‘hwang-shim (the heart of U-24 national team coach Hwang Seon-hong)’. Jeong Ho-yeon, who did not go through the so-called elite course through representatives of each age group, was first selected for the U-24 national team preparing for the Hangzhou Asian Games in March, and was included in the friendly match against China to be held in China this month, raising the possibility of participating in the Asian Games. . It’s a startlingly reversal of his career when he recalls what he was doing on the college stage just two years ago.

Jeong Ho-yeon, who left for China on the 12th, said, “It is amazing that I was first selected for the U-24 national team in March and continued to be selected for the national team. Cha has a lot of players, so I try to show a little more defensive side and competing with opponents, but I also think I am competitive enough.”

Jeong Ho-yeon played a role close to a defensive midfielder and box-to-box midfielder in the K-League. Jeong Ho-yeon, who is receiving orders from coach Lee to “be more aggressive and greedy,” showed a new charm by scoring a K-League 1 debut goal with a cool mid-range shot in the away match against Daejeon Hana on the 10th in the 18th round of’Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’. Appealed. Jeong Ho-yeon said, “I try not to spare shooting and crosses.”

Recently, the rumor of a transfer to Europe came to mind. It was rumored that an official from Celtic FC, where Oh Hyun-kyu worked, personally visited Gwangju last March to watch Jeong Ho-yeon and others play. Jeong Ho-yeon said, “I found out because a junior sent me the news via messenger. I can’t believe that such a story is going around now that it’s been two years since I entered the professional league.”

For now, Jung Ho-yeon is only looking forward to Gwangju’s advancement to the Final A Group and participation in the Asian Games, which are her immediate goals. “My goal is to become a better player than I was yesterday,” he said.

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