Jeju, which started with ‘Gundang Marketing’, finally attracts 10,000 paying spectators

Jeju, which started with ‘Gongdang Marketing’, has finally opened an era of 10,000 paid spectators. 

Jeju United had a match against Jeonbuk Hyundai held at the Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 23rd, and 10041 spectators were packed. 

The era of 10,000 home spectators has been opened for the first time since the tally of paid spectators in 2018. In 2016, Jeju last attracted 10,000 spectators, and 10,000 spectators visited the stadium again in 7 years. 

What is especially encouraging is that it is the first time since 2017 when free tickets were abolished. 

The mood has been good lately. Fans came to the stadium to enjoy Jeju. On February 26, 8362 people visited the stadium in the match against Suwon FC, and 7078 people entered the match against FC Seoul. In the game against Ulsan Hyundai, 7,140 people visited the stadium, while in Jeonbuk, 10,000 people entered the stadium. 

Due to the nature of the Jeju World Cup Stadium, it is difficult to find many spectators. Seogwipo, where the stadium is located, is more than an hour away from Jeju City. In addition, even if the surroundings are included, it is a burden to gather spectators. 

However, Jeju made efforts to allow spectators to visit the stadium directly, starting with ‘Gwandang Marketing’. Gwondang, a Jeju dialect, is a word that expresses a very close relationship, such as blood or kinship. It was the will of the Jeju club to work hard and find for the people of the island like family. 

In the meantime, Jeju has worked hard to attract spectators through various events such as visiting fan signing events, Jeju 4.3 memorial events, round-trip shuttle bus operation, partnership with Jeju youth clubs, and soccer tournaments.먹튀검증

An official from Jeju said, “In Seoul or the metropolitan area, it may not be burdensome to travel for an hour. But Jeju Island is different,” he said. “It is not easy to move from Jeju City to Seogwipo City. However, it is encouraging that many fans come to Jeju City. It should be seen as a big change,” he explained.  

Jeju, which has melted the fans’ hearts through ‘Gundang Marketing’, has to make a performance. If home wins are added, this heat can boil more vigorously. If victory is added to the effort, the effort can gain momentum.

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