Did the world’s curry make a mistake like this? I almost lost the victory due to the illusion of ‘time out’

The reason the director is screaming so much is because of the ‘Curry’ he trusted more than anyone else. Curry, who was scoring points even in a strange posture, put the team in crisis right before the end with a strange mistake.


<Golden State 126:125 Sacramento|NBA>

Curry makes a 3-point shot with a strange posture.

[Local Broadcaster: Oh! It’s Curry! How can I shoot a shot like this!]

He succeeded in 5 three-point shots for a total of 32 points.

Curry, who played a perfect game without a single mistake, was the main character of victory.

But he stunned everyone 40 seconds before the end.

[Local Broadcaster: Curry is calling a timeout here. They don’t have a timeout.]

He already ran out of operation time, but he was mistaken.

In the end, a ‘technical foul’ was declared, giving the opponent one free throw and the right to attack, and Sacramento took advantage of this opportunity and narrowed the 5-point gap to 1 point at once.

If they lose all of their games, they are in danger of being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

A player who made the same mistake in a college basketball final 30 years ago is still teased as “Mr. Timeout.”

Curry, who played tirelessly to keep the victory without taking on this disgrace, reached out to the end and interfered with the opponent’s last 3-point shot, and managed to win the victory, and only then smiled humbly.

[Stephen Curry/Golden State: I thought it was the smartest play to get out of the trap defense. But when I looked at the bench, everyone was shaking their heads.]

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