Is it a straight line? You and everyone home run fung → Team home run 1st place… Is the ‘Rapac effect’ finally exploding?

 The Samsung Lions were not a home run hitter. Rather, it was more like a tick.

Despite using Lions Park, where home runs are common, as his home run, he only ranked 7th in home runs on the team with 103 home runs. Considering that the team was second in homers with 129 homers, it is a disappointing figure.

However, this season seems to change this image. Large numbers of giant cannons on the left and right of the demonstration game are heating up the Lions Park.

The point at which the exhibition match turned around and entered the second half. As of the 22nd, after 8 games, Samsung is the top team in home runs.

With 9 homers, he is leading alone, beating 7 of 2nd place Doosan. SSG, LG, KIA, Lotte, and Hanwha are recording 5 homers each.

The home run king of the exhibition games is also Samsung.

This is Lee Seong-gyu, an unfinished giant.스포츠토토 He is making great strides every day, filling the void of Kim Hyun-joon, who left due to a fracture of the right hand bone.

Due to frequent early substitute appearances, he has only made 18 plate appearances, but he is already hitting 3 home runs.

Kim Tae-hoon, who wore a Samsung uniform as a compensation player for Kim Sang-soo, followed with two homers. Although he is not big, he has good rotational power and possesses power that can be passed over even when pushed.

In addition, Gong Min-gyu and Kim Dong-yeop joined the left and right geopo. On the 21st, against Daegu Lotte, Gong Min-gyu reported his first hit as a double in his demonstration game, and then fired a two-run home run. On the same day, Kim Dong-yeop also reported a two-run home run like a clothesline. It is a long-running streak in the last three games.

Lee Seong-gyu and Kim Dong-yeop’s right hand gun duo and Kim Tae-hoon and Gong Min-gyu’s left hand gun duo are balancing left and right.

Entering the season, if existing long hitters Oh Jae-il, Pirella, Kang Min-ho, Lee Won-seok, Koo Ja-wook, and Lee Jae-hyun hit together, the opposing pitchers will face a minefield lineup in Rapac.

Since the opening of Lions Park, Samsung has had more ‘home run deficits’. Can we turn our balance sheet into a surplus this year? It is a highly anticipated season with a lot to see.

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