“It was amazing!” What did coach Klinsman admire about ‘K-League’?

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann (58) of the national soccer team admired the enthusiasm of the K-League crowd.

The K-League will take a break in March with the national team A match. Before the break, K-League 1 was experiencing a long-awaited crowd box office sensation.

From the opening round, 101,632 people visited the stadium, the largest number since 2013 when the promotion and relegation system started. The official opening game between Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai had 28,839 people entering, setting the record for the most spectators since the Corona 19 epidemic.

The performance of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar in the round of 16 is leading the fans. Fans are looking for the stadium to see players such as Cho Kyu-seong (Jeonbuk), Kim Young-kwon (Ulsan), and Na Sang-ho (Seoul) who performed well, and this led to the heat of the K-League.

Klinsmann, the new coach of the national soccer team, also expressed his surprise at the enthusiasm of the crowd. The soccer team led by coach Klinsman was convened in Paju on the 20th to play an evaluation match against Colombia (24th) and Uruguay (28th).

Coach Klinsman arrived in Korea on the 8th and inspected the K-League site. I watched the second round between Seoul and Ulsan at the Seoul World Cup Stadium and the match between Daegu FC and Jeonbuk at Daegu DGB Bank Park (aka ‘Daepak’) with advisor Cha Du-ri and coach Kim Young-min.

Coach Klinsman said, “I watched two games at the stadium and watched most of the other games on TV. It was time for him to get used to Korean football. He could especially feel the passionate support of the fans. It will take time to learn in the beginning, but I will try harder.”

In fact, fans were very interested in the two games that coach Klinsman visited. 20,549 people visited the stadium despite inclement rain in the match against Seoul vs Ulsan, where national team players were lined up and had an A-match match. In addition, ‘Daepak’ sold out with 12,253 people, the highest number since its opening. Coach Klinsman also felt the enthusiasm of the K-League on the field.

The A match in March can be an important factor in continuing the box office success of the K-League, which will resume again. If the existing K-League players catch the attention of football fans, as they did in the Qatar World Cup, the atmosphere in the league will become even hotter.

An official from the Korea Professional Football Federation also said, “A large number of K-League players have been selected for this national team convocation list. I hope that the K-League players called to the national team will perform well in the A-match.온라인바카라 In particular, many soccer fans are looking forward to this A match as it is Klinsman’s debut match. I hope to achieve good results so that the interest of the fans will naturally lead to the K-League.”

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