“I will kill 20 women at Sillim Station”… “Sorry to the people” in their 30s who posted threats

A man who posted that he would kill 20 women스포츠토토 at Sillim Station in Seoul said, “I’m sorry to the people.”

On the 22nd, at the Incheon District Court, an interrogation (examination of the validity of the warrant) of a man in his 30s, a man in his 30s, for whom an arrest warrant was requested for intimidation charges, will be held before the arrest.

Mr. A arrived at the Incheon District Court that day, wearing a navy blue hat and mask, covering most of his face and covering his handcuffs.

When asked by reporters, “Why did you post a threatening message?”, Mr. A lowered her head and replied, “I’m sorry to the people.”

He repeated the same answer to questions such as “Why did you mention only women (as the subject of the crime)” and “Did you not know you were going to get caught?” Mr. A is suspected of posting a threatening message on the social network service ( SNS

) at around 4:47 pm on the 19th, saying, ‘I will kill 20 women at Sillim Station in Seoul’.

The police tracked the Internet Protocol ( IP ) address and arrested Mr. A at his residence in Gyeonggi on the morning of the 20th. Mr. A, who has no special job, stated in the police investigation to the effect that “he did it because he wanted attention.”

The warrant review will begin at 2:00 p.m. on the same day, and whether or not to arrest him will be decided later in the afternoon on the same day.

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