Public safety under the charge of the Vice Minister… The Yoon government “We do not know the time of discharge of contaminated water”

Regarding the timing of the discharge of contaminated스포츠토토 water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan scheduled for the 24th, the government said, “It is not technically possible for Japan to inform the time. It can start anytime,” he said. Regarding the South Korean government’s refusal to clearly express its support or opposition to the discharge of contaminated water, he said, “It is not an issue to dispute by narrowing the point down to a question of support or opposition.”

Park Gu-yeon, first deputy head of the Office for Government Policy Coordination, said at a daily briefing on the discharge of contaminated water from Fukushima held at the Seoul Government Complex on the 23rd, when asked to inform the ‘specific discharge time’, “Because there is variability due to various factors such as weather, we (Japan) It is not technically easy to inform in advance, and we do not see it as possible,” he said. Previously, Japan’s Kyodo News reported that the Japanese government and TEPCO are coordinating the discharge of contaminated water to the sea at 1:00 pm on the 24th.

The government also announced that the Japanese side would set up a separate website to disclose data on the discharge of contaminated water on an hourly basis. On the website, △radiation monitors installed at water intakes △Kipo ( K4 ) that stores contaminated water before discharge) The data automatically measured by the monitor, such as the flow rate of contaminated water transferred from the tank to the dilution facility, is posted. However, it is said that the timing of announcement of data that needs to be sampled and analyzed, such as the concentration value of each nuclide in contaminated water, is unknown. Deputy Director Park said, “We need close communication with Japan, which produces and publishes data, and it is significant that we received a promise from Japan to contact relevant information in a timely manner and promptly share information in the event of an outlier.” .

Deputy Director Park responded to a reporter’s inquiry asking if the previous day’s statement that “the government does not approve or support” the discharge of contaminated water was “avoidance of responsibility,” he said, “Japan’s discharge plan is for Japan to decide under its own responsibility, and the Korean government It is not a matter of whether you agree or oppose it.” Deputy Director Park said, “It should be seen as a matter of how transparently, safely, and reliably the process (discharge of contaminated water) is managed and how thoroughly the process can be monitored and managed. It is not a matter of narrowing down and fighting,” he added.

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