I was caught drunk driving and found out I was prostituting a minor

In response to a report that they were “chasing a vehicle suspected of underage prostitution,” the police gave chase and caught the driver.

This driver was drunk and was driving an underage female, and a messenger conversation containing evidence of prostitution was found on his phone.

This is an exclusive report by reporter Lee Jun-seong.

In the early morning hours, when there is little traffic, a white car passes by on the road, and a black car follows behind.

After a while, the chase continues, going back the way it came스포츠토토.

It was around 1 a.m. yesterday that a 112 report was received saying, “They are chasing a vehicle carrying a man suspected of engaging in prostitution of minors.” 

The driver of the black car followed for about 1km and shared the location with the police in real time.

[Lieutenant Kim Dae-ho / Doksan Police Station, Geumcheon Police Station, Seoul]
“We continued to chase while talking on the phone with the reporter and following him. We…”

The police asked the driver of the white car to stop several times, but the man ignored them and zigzagged down the road. I ran.

The man was driving away and stopped only after the police blocked his path.

When the man smelled of alcohol and was slurring his words, police conducted a breathalyzer test.

The man’s blood alcohol content was 0.049%, which is equivalent to a license suspension.

At the time, a minor female was riding in the vehicle.

The police plan to secure messenger conversations containing the circumstances of their prostitution, book the man on charges of drunk driving and minor prostitution, and investigate.

This is Lee Jun-seong of Channel A News.

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