‘Punishment for gangsters’ sniping content YouTuber… was attacked in a restaurant

A YouTuber who had been creating sniper content to punish gangsters was attacked by three assailants and suffered serious injuries.

YouTube channel ‘Shin Danjang TV’ said in a community notice on the 27th, “Shin Danjang (channel operator) was assaulted by a total of 3 people who were considered ‘gangsters’ to be imprisoned,” and “At the time, the 3 people were wearing knuckles and He showed스포츠토토 up and as soon as he came in, he brutally assaulted Director Shin,” he explained.

Shindanjang TV said, “After that, the three people ran away, and Shindanjang was seriously injured. In addition, the ordinary citizen who tried to stop him went to the hospital in an ambulance. The ordinary citizen was not seriously injured. Shindanjang and his companions were also injured. “There are some injuries,” he said.

According to the police, Director Shin was assaulted by three men at a restaurant in Ansan the afternoon before. They assaulted the face of a YouTuber who was drinking at a restaurant several times, hit his head with a soju bottle, and then ran away.

After receiving the report, the police rushed to the scene and urgently transported Director Shin, who was bleeding, to the hospital, and are currently tracking down the men who assaulted him.

Shin Danjang is a YouTuber who runs a YouTube channel called ‘Shin Danjang TV’ and has created content that reveals the names of gangsters and targets them.

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