“For Williams’ $13 million, Kerr and Spoelstra will get $20 million”…soaring NBA coach salaries

Former Phoenix Suns manager Monty Williams recently signed a six-year, $78.5 million contract with the Detroit Pistons. The average annual salary is about 13 million dollars (about 17 billion won). The best in NBA history.메이저사이트

In response, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said, “Golden State Warriors manager Steve Kerr and manager Eric Spoelstra will receive an annual salary of $20 million (about 26 billion won) if they come to the market.”

Kerr has won four championships with Golden State. Spoelstra, who joined the Miami team as a video intern 28 years ago and has been the manager for 15 years, has won two championships.

If Williams, who has never won, receives 13 million dollars, Kerr and Spoelstra, who have achieved better results, should receive more.

Kerr and Spoelstra both have one-year contracts with their current teams.

Spoelstra’s chances of leaving Miami are virtually zero, but the situation is a bit different for Kerr. Because general manager Bob Myers resigned. As Myers, who built the Golden State dynasty with Kerr, steps down, the prospect that Kerr is likely to leave is dominant.

Currently, Kerr and Spoelstra reportedly earn an annual salary of about $8 million.

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