Anna cheering her husband, Park Joo-ho, from afar… ‘You are the superman of the eternal ground’

Suwon FC Park Joo-ho finished the retirement ceremony and retirement match against Ulsan Hyundai at Suwon Sports Complex on the 6th.안전놀이터

This retirement match was held on June 6 in line with Park Joo-ho’s uniform number 6 as a match between Ulsan (2018-2020) and Suwon FC (2021-2023), two clubs he had played in Korea.

After playing in Japan and Europe, Park Joo-ho played an active part in the K-League wearing an Ulsan uniform in 2018, and moved to Suwon FC in 2021 and played an active part for two years.

Park Joo-ho entered with his daughter Na-eun and his son Geon-hoo before his game, and spent a friendly time with his three siblings at the pre-game retirement ceremony. It was also seen stealing tears while watching the K-League performance video.

At his retirement ceremony, Park Ju-ho received a plaque of appreciation from the Suwon FC supporters and a commemorative frame from the Ulsan team as a gift. And I watched the crowd unfold the card section commemorating Park Joo-ho’s retirement.

Park Joo-ho said, “Thank you to the countless fans who have supported me so far. I was able to come this far thanks to the fans’ love and interest, and thanks to that, I was able to be happier as a soccer player. My life as a soccer player ends here, but I will continue to do so. I will live by repaying the love of the fans.”

Park Joo-ho played hard for the team’s victory until the 90th minute of the second half, but the team lost 3-1 to Ulsan.

After the match, Park Joo-ho thanked the crowds of Ulsan and Suwon FC from the middle of the ground. Afterwards, he walked all over the ground, donning his uniform to the crowd and giving a final bow.

Park Joo-ho’s wife Anna was also watching her husband Park Joo-ho from one side of the pitch. Anna announced she had been battling cancer in November of last year. “She has gone through all the radiation and now feels recovered,” she wrote in a recent update.

Anna, wearing a mask and hat, was not around when Park Joo-ho greeted the crowd. From a distance, she was only seen clapping as she looked at Park Joo-ho. When Park Joo-ho was rinsed by his teammates, he clapped at close range and tried to hold back tears. He had deliberately stayed away, fearing that his presence would disturb his husband and fellow players.

Even after Park Joo-ho said his last goodbye to the audience and gave an interview on the air, he only briefly touched hands, but he watched her husband Park Joo-ho from a distance.

After the game, Park Joo-ho said, “I think I finished my professional life to the best of my ability.” .

Regarding his future life, he said, “Nothing has been decided. June is spending time with her family, organizing her schedule, and trying to think about what kind of work she can do.”

Meanwhile, Park Joo-ho married Anna in 2015 and had three siblings: Na-eun, Geon-hoo, and Jin-woo.

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