Dermatologist who cheated “he was treated for athlete’s foot” and got insurance money, sent patient

The Eunpyeong Police Station in Seoul announced안전놀이터 on the 29th that it sent the director of a dermatology clinic A, who is suspected of insurance fraud, medical law violation, and fraud under the Insurance Fraud Prevention Act, and 185 patients suspected of insurance fraud under the Insurance Fraud Prevention Act, without detention the previous day.

Mr. A is accused of fraudulently obtaining medical benefits of 31 million won from the Health Insurance Corporation by manipulating medical records as if a patient who received skin beauty treatment at his dermatology clinic from 2019 to April of this year was treated for athlete’s foot.

It was revealed that the patients who agreed to Mr. A’s proposal to ‘allow them to receive real-life insurance money’ claimed 590 million won in insurance money by claiming real-life insurance money from the insurance company with a false receipt issued by Mr. A. It was confirmed that 104 of the suspects admitted to the crime and reimbursed the insurance company for 350 million won.

The police, who initiated an investigation at the request of the Financial Supervisory Service in December of last year, notified the Eunpyeong-gu Office of the dermatology department administration, and the district office plans to take measures such as fines or suspension of business depending on whether or not the prosecution is prosecuted.

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