‘Infant burial’ husband’s true story… Dad has two other children

Regarding the case of a 5-day-old infant whose birth was not registered in Geoje, South Gyeongsang Province, who was buried secretly last year, it was confirmed that the father of the child had made a statement to the police that he “buried it alone in a hillside.” Police found that the mother of her child had two other children. These are the children born to the former man. The police and the local government confirmed the safety of one child, but the whereabouts of the other child are under investigation.

“Built by hand”… statement to the policeThe police announced on the 30th that they were urgently arresting and investigating Mr. A (20s) and Mrs. B (30s, female) living in Geoje on charges of wrapping a 5-day-old infant in a plastic bag and burying it in a hillside (abandonment of a corpse). On September 9 of last year, after the victim C died in a residential area in Geoje City, Gyeongsangnam-do, he was wrapped in a plastic bag and buried in a nearby hill.

The police secured a statement from Mr. A to the effect that “he dug a hole 10 to 15 cm deep with his hands in a hill near his house and buried the child.” We are investigating to what extent the two colluded and shared roles in the abandonment process. The police are looking for the body by mobilizing about 100 experienced officers, including a riot police메이저놀이터, on a hill in Geoje where the child is believed to have been buried. Two evidence-gathering dogs were also mobilized.

Parents “There is no money for cremation, so they go to burial”According to the police and local governments, Mr. A and B, who met since 2021 and maintained a common-law marriage relationship, gave birth to Group C at an obstetrics and gynecology clinic in Geoje City on September 5 last year. They are said to have made a statement to the police to the effect that “After being discharged, I returned home and went to sleep (on the 9th) and woke up to find that Group C was dead.” It is said that the child who died at the time had bubbles of powdered milk in his mouth.

The police said, ” Mr. A and B made a statement to the effect of ‘I had to cremate when I reported the death, but I buried the child because I had no money.'” Currently, Mr. A is unemployed, and Mr. B says that he has been working part-time at a convenience store. Police plan to investigate the exact cause of death through an autopsy as soon as they find the body of Group C.

“I also gave birth to two other children… Detecting the whereabouts of one person”The police are also checking whether the other child B gave birth to in the past is safe. It was found out that mother B gave birth to two more children besides group C. It is said that these are the children she had before meeting her current husband. One of her two children is being raised by her parents, and the other is “adopted,” claims Mr. B. The safety of the child in the parent’s home has been confirmed.This case was revealed during an on-site investigation of County C, whose birth was not reported, by public officials in charge of welfare in Goseong-gun, where Mr. B’s resident registration address was located. When asked about the whereabouts of the child by a Goseong-gun official, the couple initially answered with the intention of “the adoption was sent before the birth was registered,” but as the investigation continued, they confessed that “the child died and was buried secretly.” Goseong-gun immediately informed the police of this fact, and on the 29th, the police arrested 

A and B in an emergency and conducted an all-night investigation.Previously, the Board of Audit and Inspection said in a regular inspection of the Ministry of Health and Welfare that there were 2,236 children across the country who were born in hospitals and whose births were not reported, like Group C. At the time of the announcement by the Board of Audit and Inspection, it was found that there were 122 unreported births in Gyeongnam, the highest number following Gyeonggi (641) and Seoul (470). South Gyeongsang Province classified 120 children as subjects of investigation, excluding cases with addresses in other cities and provinces or cases where birth registration was confirmed.However, 25 children (as of 10:00 am on the 30th) were requested by the police to investigate. It is about 1% of the children identified in the regular audit. It was revealed that 5 people were killed in the ‘1% investigation’ and the whereabouts of 7 were unclear. 13 people have been identified. The investigation is underway at 10 police stations across the country, including ▶Gyeongnam Goseong, Gyeongnam West, Dongtan, Anseong, and Siheung ▶Incheon Gyeyang ▶Busan South ▶Jeonju Deokjin ▶Chungnam Cheongyang ▶Chungju Chungbuk, Gyeongnam, and Gyeongnam It is conducted by two local police departments. Depending on the results of future investigations, more dead children may come out.

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